A Visit To LG Service Centre


On Sunday when I took my phone out of my pocket, I noticed some weird lines on the display and what looked like a tiny crack behind or rather under the glass panel.  I had no choice but to bring it down the next day, to the Service Centre to have it checked out, in the meantime I switched to the free one I got for blogging about the features of the phone.  

Armed with my 12 month ‘Warranty Card’ which showed only six months had passed, I took a cab from my office to the service at Alexandria Road after my night shift ended.  I was contemplating initially to go to the LG Mobile Phone shop at Vivio City instead but when I read about some service issues on some local forums I decided to go straight to the Service Centre itself.  Even then there were even rants about their service there as well, so I went in mentally prepared for the worst.

The Service Tech, Mr Ang inspected the phone and concluded that the LCD was cracked due to high impact and had to be changed.  Also the battery connectors were a little sunken he added, before announcing that due to the nature of the problem… the Costs to repair would not be covered by the Warranty.  I was rather annoyed with his findings, especially because  I am very careful with my phone.  I have not even dropped it once! And to claim that it was damage due to high impact?  The cost read out to me was a whopping $81++ even with the labour charge waived!  

I expressed my dismay, since it was still under warranty and that the reason for me to pay for the parts was basically cited as negligence on my part! ( Their Standard Line Header On The Servicing Form- Physical Damage (Customer Responsible) )  I explained to him that I am very careful with my phone and would have no qualms paying the full amount if I had dropped it or anything close to it. How could I be sure that it was not a result of poor quality control on the parts itself.   Moreover the service centre location is out of the way for those not driving, and as a result have to incur transport costs for both days i.e. today and the day I have to return for collection?!  I asked him if there was anything he could do to help me and that If I could have it serviced within the same day.  I also mentioned that I would be blogging about the service I received either way as a follow up to my earlier blogpost about the phone.  

He assured me that he would refer my case higher up to see if he could get me a discount for the parts and that if I was willing to wait for it to be serviced within the same day then he would try and get it done by 12pm which was roughly a two hour wait from the time I got there.   I then asked where I could have breakfast while waiting and he pointed out the route to a Cafeteria about 50 metres away.

I had my breakfast and starting reading a book only to find that only twenty minutes had passed since I got there.  Also the chair at the Cafeteria started getting a little bit uncomfortable as the seats were not designed to remain seated for long. And  it was only then did I recall seeing some pretty comfortable looking seats that the Service Centre had in a mini ‘Customer Lounge’ area for their customers to wait.  So I made my way back there and just as I was about to walk through the door, I got a call from them asking me if I had set a password for the phone startup.  I walked straight through to Mr, Ang’s desk to find him on the line with me! *chuckles*  I entered my pin and to my surprise, the phone was already fixed! All within forty minutes at most! Wow! Boy! was I impressed.   And to finish it off with a ‘cherry’ on top they billed me only $56.18 after discount. 

I am indeed a delighted customer……………..for now………

Oh and on the way out,  there is a bus stop just in front where I took 963 to Harbour Front Bus Depot to catch the MRT train back home.  So logically it would be quite convienient to take the train to Vivio City, then catching a bus to the Service Centre. ( Or you could leave your phone at their mobile outlet at #02-11, Vivo City and they will SMS when it is ready for collection at the same mentioned outlet according to Mr Ang on their latest service offering. )







Address: 991D, Alexandra Road (opposite PSA Building)

Blk 6 #01-12

Singapore 119964

Tel: (65) 6512-0555

Fax: (65) 6479-5598


Operation Hours:

Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:30

Saturday 08:30 ~ 14:00

Sunday & Public Holidays closed

Bus Service: 10, 30, 51, 57, 61, 93, 97, 97A, 100,

                      143, 166, 176, 188, 507, 521, 963

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