Am I A Twit? Or A Tweeter?


 So for the longest time I was wondering what all the hype was about Twitter? (Social Networking through Micro-Blogging) Never got round to siging up for it till now, and besides WordPress had launched a similar offering which I thought was useful in arranging gatherings, outings or even work on joint projects etc.  Problem is that it is only useful if all or most of the friends in your various circles or colleagues makes use of it too!

Okay so now that I’ve signed up, I am wondering why would anyone want to follow the mundane details of what one does or where he or she is at which time of the day? Besides it takes a whole lot of stamina just to update it regularly as well as follow it i.e. if you are a devoted ‘follower.’   Of course if you’re someone of importance and need to be accounted for every time of the day then it might make perfect sense, but even then you’d restrict access to your twitter account to only a small detail.  Security personnnel, your secretary, your vice president etc.  *grins*  If you on the otherhand are as ‘Unimportant’  as the likes of moi then perhaps you are waiting or even hoping  that someone at one point would chance upon your twitter and say hey I’ll be in that vicinity at that time too! Let’s catch up?  Yeah right?!

Anyhow I’ve been testing it out rather vigorously and have come to the conclusion that “A utility is excellent only when there is an actual need for it!”  I’ve come up with many ways that it can be extremely useful to me and everyone else….okay in some cases you would actually need ‘followers’ for it to be effective.

Here are some uses that might be useful….   

  • Great when you are losing your memory with age and need an easy way to keep short notes to remember later. ( Just need to remember your id and password to begin)
  • Keeping track of the whereabouts of your girl/boy friend or spouse. ( Works both ways )
  • Throwing the scent off your actual whereabouts again here I’m talking about your boy/girl friend or spouse.
  • Hmmm forgot about Bosses and Colleagues…..for utility directly above this one.
  • In Emergency situations where you might be able to shed some light on your whereabout via mobile such as if you are held hostage, arrested, trapped in a lift or the Singapore Flyer / London Eye *chuckles*, train, aeroplane, island etc.etc.etc.  ****Important note**** You actually need ‘followers’ for this one to work!
  • Provide Public Service Announcements like “Burger King At Millenia Walk Just Closed Down, Try The One At Marina Square Instead!”
  • Provide product information or services or recalls such as “Model QWOO-007 the Gspot Vibrator Is Defective, kindly contact us for a refund!”
  • Citizen Journalism – Provide breaking news….just 140 characters at a time
  • Cooridnate a FLASH MOB or literally Flash a Mob! 

Okay I’ve run out of ideas….have you got any fresh ones to share? If not……well… Have Fun With It Mates!



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