One Man’s Bag Contents….

Most men do not discuss or even care to ask one another what they carry in their bags or backpacks.  We don’t particularly care unless of course the guy seems to be struggling with it’s weight.   And most Gents I know, aren’t even curious to know the contents of their lady friend’s handbags. 

Not surprisingly however, I have been asked on quite a few occasions by Ladies,  what I actually carry around in my bag.  My usual cheeky replies are “Wouldn’t you like to know?…” or “The body parts of the last person to ask me that question!” But if I am in a sombre mood, then it might be “Oh just guy stuff.” or “Just a few odds and ends and some office documents.”

No it’s no big secret, in fact I don’t mind sharing at all!  In fact I usually switch about with the design of the bag or backpack, but the contents are more or less the same everytime.  The only time it changes is when I am carrying a pouch, because then I’d have to carry alot less around.  Oh and I hardly ever leave the house without a bag or a small pouch.

Without further ado…..

  • A Book to read, sometimes together with a magazine.
  • Rain jacket which is also used on a chilly day
  • An small umbrella if the rain gets too heavy or if it is an extremely hot day
  • A bottle of distilled or filtered water
  • A Pair Of Sunglasses
  • Pens
  • Notebook
  • Cologne – usually those small sample ones just in case I left the house without putting some on.
  • Wetones ( wet tissues )
  • A small torchlight
  • MP3 player
  • Camera with backup battery
  • Recovery Gel – for skin irritation
  • Two Card cases containing the many discount or membership cards etc.
  • Occasionally – Office docs or personal papers, oh and sometimes even food.

Hmmm that’s about it……or if I were going to the gym, swimming or to play soccer etc. then it would be gym, swimming and soccer stuff respectively. 

Was thinking of including a small toothbrush set the next time I pack my bag… just in case…..*chuckles*


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