VPOST Vs Borderlinx

I am no longer using Borderlinx after DHL lost one of my packages and they insisted I claim against a third party insurance with a bureaucratic process.  They claim no responsibility whatsover! I have now switched to a rival company after 4 years of adequate service.



I have been a regular and one may even say at one time a loyal customer of VPOST for many years now, in fact I believe they were the first in Singapore to offer customers individual US addresses for reshipping back to Singapore.

Over the years the service rendered by VPOST has been lukewarm, good and hassle free for some shipments and problematic for others.  I will not go into the nitty gritty details of the fees both company charges, because they both offer competitive prices which is not very far off from one another.  Some would say Borderlinx is relatively cheaper, but I say it depends….

I will say however that I am switching to Borderlinx because of a recent ‘screw up’ on VPOST’s part once again.  You see, I ordered a few things from one company in the US. Instead of shipping them to me in one shipment, the US based company decided to ship it in multiple shipments ( 3 to be exact ) so that I may receive them faster.  I informed VPOST via email at least three weeks to a month prior to delivery, and they even acknowledged receipt of the email notification.   Then late Dec and early Jan this year, I received two separate delivery billing invoices from them for the same shipment, which means I was charged with two base charges instead of one.  When I contacted them, the case was escalated to their operations department which did nothing to help!

So what are the major differences in services? :-

  •  VPOST mandates that you send or forward all you invoices beforehand so that when and if they update them online in a timely manner, they will then be able to match the items received accordingly.  Even then they sometime feel that the description of the items received may be inadequate and will contact you again to match the items manually with the box no.!
  • With Borderlinx you don’t have to submit your invoice though they might over estimate the value of the items received which can be easily rectified by contacting them and providing them with the invoice if need be.
  • VPOST takes a minimum of 5-8 days for the items to reach you and uses Speedpost, Borderlinx takes between 4-8 days with standard shipping and you even have an option to pay more for Express shipping which will then take only 2-3 days.  For either option DHL staff are the ones contracted.   You even have the option to change your delivery to the office easily if you know no one is going to be home.  Oh and almost forgot, I have had two to three occasions where the Speedpost Delivery personnel for VPOST simply slips a Deliver advice under the door without even pressing the doorbell to check if anyone is home.  Someone was home for all the two to three ocassions I am referring to, most recent being 7 Jan 2045hrs!
  • For Borderlinx though, you have to be careful to note the values of your items as a whole because inclusive of shipping the amount cannot exceed SGD400 (for Singapore residents) otherwise you’ll be charged an extra 7% for taxes and duties which could add up to an extra $30.
  • Borderlinx no concierge fees for shopping for you, VPOST charges hefty concierge fees excluding shipping.
  • For VPOST you have to pay for an optional insurance coverage for the delivery to your home address, for Borderlinx the insurance coverage is free on the Purchase value capped at $10,000 for any one shipment.
  • Borderlinx gives you only a US address, VPOST offers addresses for USA,Japan and UK
  • And lastly you’ll need a Citibank Card for Borderlinx in Singapore ( sort of tie-in with the bank) For VPOST you can use any bank cards though they have special discounts for UOB cards.

For now I’ll be switching to Borderlinx permanently unless VPOST improves their service to their customers, which I will only be able to know through unlikely rave reviews by others!



Advertisers for such companies,kindly do NOT post your links here without explaining how your company justifies the costs and extra fees if any, in comparison with these two competitors. -Just stating your modus operandi will not do. Thank you……

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  1. Another option is a company called http://www.BongoUS.com

    They offer great international shipping and consolidation services, images of your items, and afforable insurance options. Website technology is top-notch.

    • Both Bongo and MyUS starts with a sign up fee whereas Borderlinx does not require any.

      For a 1kg package,
      Bongo charges $32.22
      MyUS charges $33.67
      Borderlinx charges $14.40

      Assuming that dead weight does not exceed volumetric weight.

      Which would you choose?

      cheers 😉

    • Well thanks for providing another alternative though I cannot see how you derived that they are cheaper than Borderlinx. In fact they are comparable in price, just use the cost calculator on both sites for say clothing for 2kg from US to Singapore using standard delivery.


  2. Borderlinx is so much better than Vpost, in my opinion.

    Vpost is fixed rate per kg, while BDL actually gets cheaper if you ship more (ie: large boxes or heavy items).

    I also have a problem with Vpost’s efficiency. BDL offers 24 hours live chat service and they are usually quite prompt with your requests. Not to mention BDL (using DHL) can deliver your packages to you any day and any time.

    For me, BDL wins HANDS DOWN. 🙂

    • Yup, after my first transaction with them, I was wondering why it took me so long to switch! 😉

  3. I have tried MyUS and Onenow.com. MyUs is troublesome(i.e you cant shop immediately after registration, you need to wait for 1full working day to process..wherelse you can shop instantly after signing up with Onenow.com and their process is very easy).

    As for the rates onenow.com charges $15.50 per kg. i find Onenow fuss free and very easy to use. they were also very prompt in their updates on your parcel status. MyUs’s search function is very useful though but i do not think its worth the extra cost unless you need a mail box for official letters from the US. Its more for expats living outside of the US.

    If you want a fuss free, easy to use, economical and reliable i would choose Onenow as it has no sign up fees or monthly fees. I have used their consolidation and concierge service so far. they do ship ebay items too so its a bonus for me as I am a huge ebay fan.

    I have not try BongoUs so cant comment on it. its a bummer how BongoUS charges $usd 15 monthly!

  4. would anyone know whether borderlinx ships ebay items from US to SIng?

    • Yes! Borderlinx offer shipping for Ebay items from UK & US 🙂

  5. Hi Shopaaholic,

    thanks for sharing that piece of news in fact onenow.com seems to be affiliated with Comgateway which also has ties with DBS/POSB cards here in Singapore. I have not tried them myself but have read forums on their service and it doesn’t look to good. Perhaps I will give them a try if borderlinx ever gives me problems.

    And as to your question…..this is extracted from their faqs –

    Yes. You will need to add your Borderlinx address to your postal addresses:
    Go to My eBay > My Account > My addresses > click on ‘View all postal addresses’.
    Add your Borderlinx US address, BUT REMEMBER to untick the box ‘Make this my primary postal address’, and then click ‘Add New Address’.


  6. Thanks Jules for the tips!! I have been doing some research on SEO(search engine optimisation) and i realised that comgateway’s competitors(i.e vpost) might be sabotaging comgateway. One way to prove this is that the forum with negative remarks of comgateway is always on the 5th when you search up comgateway in google. Vpost and Borderlinx did some “alteration” to their search on google too. if you notice that when u search both of these company on google, both will have forum with their positive remarks coming on the 1st page.(you can ask an SEO expert on this)

    I therefore conclude that in general forums and blogs arent very accurate at all with companies acting in such a manner. However I do believe Vpost is inferior because of their consistent negative feedback across all related blogs and forums. Borderlinx seemed to receive quite good overall comments.

    However i do not have a citibank card 😦 Onenow is cheaper than borderlinx if you want to ship anything above 2kg. hope this helps!

  7. Oh btw, does anyone know whether borderlinx’s warehouse is in a tax free state?Onenow’s warehouse is in Oregon which is sales tax free, hence if you are buying items that are well over hundreds, a sales tax of 5%-7% is alot.
    i tried asking borderlinx live chat but this is their reply:
    Vera: is it a sales tax free state?

    Jason: I am extremely sorry but I don’t have much information about it

    not very helpful at all!!!

  8. Shopaaholic,

    Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Onenow is cheaper because I got this off their site :-

    To Singapore

    Standard Delivery (4 – 6 full working days)

    Base Charge
    Weight Charge

    Flat fee per shipment:
    US$11.00 + Minimum 1st kg:
    US$4.50 plus

    Any subsequent 1/2 kg
    & part thereof:

    Hence for 2kg it will be $20US

    For Borderlinx there is no base charge however for 2kg their charge is $18.92 US.

    Their Warehouse for Singapore Users is in Ohio however I believe they have one in NY for other users from elsewhere.

    Got this off their site :
    Do I have to pay US tax & GST?


    There will be up to two types of taxes which you might have to pay.

    The first will be the Sales Tax pertaining to the United States of America (USA). Certain States in the USA are tax-free states and as a result no sales tax will be levied on the procured merchandises.

    The second will be Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore. GST reliefs are granted on imported items if the total value of the goods plus shipping costs does not exceed S$400.

    Where the value exceeds S$400, the entire sum would be subjected to GST.

    The current GST rate is 7%.

    So far I bought approx 180USD of stuff and had to pay zero taxes.

    cheers 😉

  9. Hi jules!oh sorry for not clarifying.Onenow is cheaper is your item is more than 2kg and above, for example:

    for the 3rd kg, Onenow-$24.50 as compared to Borderlinx-$25.99

    but Borderlinx’s express shipping seems cheaper. Apparently Borderlinx will no longer use DHL by the end of this month and they would have to revise their charges upwards.Let wait and hope that this wont happen.

    As for the tax, Ohio state imposes 5.5% sales tax. (http://tax.ohio.gov/divisions/sales_and_use/index.stm)

    so whatever savings from Borderlinx’s lower shipping fees is eroded. I wonder why you weren’t charged for sales tax the last time?

    i didnt have to pay sales tax when using Onenow because their warehouse is in Oregon(sales tax free state) but i got charge when using MyUS(their warehouse is in Florida).

    Im going to use Onenow and Borderlinx (got my new citibank cc) to ship my Ebay items from US. Will let you guys updated.

  10. Hi Shopaaholic,

    Wonder where you heard that news? Cos they just renewed their agreement in April last year. Also there is no mention on it on their site. Moreover the tie-in for Singapore was with both Citibank And DHL Express Singapore Office.

    Anyhow thanks for the updates….so far I have no incentive to switch as I just got my new shipment of seven items tax free…. Cheers!


  11. didn’t do enough home work before using VPost, from the various posts, it seems their service is from bad to worst…
    I order some items from Amazon, delivery was signed off in VPost US office on 8 Sept. Only got my email to pay shipping charges on 17 Sept. I paid immeadiately and today (22 Sept) when I checked the status, it is still not been process yet ..(sitting in the warehouse)
    I called VPost cust. service and they told me some “heavy volumes” experience at the US office … ask for more details, they told me the supervisor will call me back, but 5 days have gone and I hear nothing.
    I believe I should count myself lucky if I can receive my item in a month time …
    suck VPOST … that’s going to be the last shipment you ever done with me.

    • I used VPOST initially for many years but after too many numerous problems and unecessary paperwork, I decided to switch to Borderlinx and frankly may never switch back to VPOST!

      Hope you have a better experience with the next provider you sign up with! Cheers 😉

  12. Hi,

    My name is Cédric Rainotte and I’m Head of Marketing & Communication at Borderlinx.
    Just some info regarding all the comments in this post relative to sales tax:
    Sales tax will only be charged by merchants that have a physical presence in the state of Ohio where Borderlinx export facility is located. All other transactions are free of state sales tax. The export warehouse does not need to be in a sales tax free state (of which there are only 5; Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon), although if it is sales tax is not charged on any transaction even if the merchant has a physical presence in the state.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Ced,

      thanks for taking the time to clarify the tax issues raised in the dialogue of this post. Also I am happy to add that I will not be switching providers anytime soon.


    • Hi Ced,

      So you mean that user whos uses Borderlinx service do not have to pay any sales tax?


  13. Hi there!

    Just wanted to ask if there was an alternative to VPost if I wanted to order online from Japan? Thanks!

    • Unfortunately not at this time that I know of, so guess you’ll just have to stick to them. My sincere condolences… 😉

  14. onenow reverted back to Comgateway.
    back to CGW prices.

    • Hi,

      thanks for the update but there is no mention on whether they have improved their services.

  15. Onenow/ComGateway website looks even more confusing now. They used to have horrible service, sent my stuff to the wrong address! I heard it got better but not gonna take the risk though.

    I’m using Tarazz now, whenever I can. Their single cart system is way more convenient and they provide much better service!

    • Well if it works for you then you should continue with Tarazz and thanks for the new info. However in my opinion the shipping rates are comparable, however Tarazz only allows you to shop at their listed merchants and you’ll have the hassle of informing them to setup a new merchant link outside their scope of merchants if you want it added. Moreover if they cannot reach you at your home and should you choose an alternate address you have to pay for that service. With Borderlinx you don’t have to moreover their turnaround and shipping time is faster for merchants in their list though you are not compelled to shop with them…..anyhow lest Borderlinx increase their prices I’ll be sticking with them because their service todate is great.

      cheers 😉

  16. Hi,
    Is there any shipping com that you will recommend?
    Would like to purchase some stuffs from the US websites (Forever21, ASOS etc), but I do not have any citibank card thus cant use Borderlinx?

    • Hi Julie,

      I can’t recommend the rest of the sites listed in the comments here because I haven’t tried them out yet. So far I’m happy with Borderlinx and have no intention to switch yet. I do hope however you return to share your experience with anyone of those listed.


  17. I’ve used Bongo International for a almost a year now- you set up a US postal address on their site, they receive your items from virtually any US based online site and put it all in one box if needed.(This saves $ on shipping.) Then they ship it overseas to you. You can track on their website the whole way, great website technology.

    They have both a pay per use option and a subscription option.
    They have very quick responses through customer service.
    They have very expedient transit times to over 220 countries worldwide.
    Because they ship with DHL, there is delivery confirmation which is very important to me since the products coming from the United States are going quite a distance at my expense.

    I would highly recommend them and I do to all my friends. 🙂
    Happy Shopping people!

  18. Hi Jules!

    Hope you’re doing just fine.

    Despite the fact that this Viaddress company is active since only a few months and stole a big part of the content of Borderlinx website (text, photo and even some of the graphic done by our agency like the banner you are using in your post; strange for a serious company), customer need to be really carrefull.

    There are numerous suspiciously positive reviews on the web, all with almost identical wording (check on Google and search for the phrase “hey, for shipping products outside US, Viaddress is the best”). These reviews were all authored by “Newbies” who joined the message boards very recently.

    Also, The pulldown country menu in their cost calculator includes Sudan – a country which is embargoed by the US and to which any shipments are illegal from the US; a legitimate company shipping ex-US wouldn’t show that.

    So, just be carrefull with this company and give the message to your friends!

    Have a great day,


    *bolded by Jules to highlight this comment*

    • Thanks for the update Cedric and yes that is why I have deleted the comment post for Vicar007 as I believe he is drone working for Viaddress.

      It is troubling that a company would resort to this sort of tactic and what baffles me is that they assume they would get away with it. It is only a matter of time before customers may be swindled wholesale because we do not know how far they are willing to go with a somewhat unethical approach to marketing and whatelse, this is unless of course they clean up their act.

      Also there seems to be a problem with chronological display of the comments now on this entry, perhaps I should try and copy and paste your message in a new comment to see if it works….anyhow cheers!

      Update on Borderlinx…..- You can now have a UK address and enjoy shopping in UK (you can search our UK comparaison shop at http://bit.ly/6NeV6r
      – You can also try our SocialShop and use the power of Social Network to buy cheaper abroad. You can visit it at http://www.socialshop.us

  19. I Wonder how you did. Viaddress does not exists not that long??
    Domain Name: VIADDRESS.COM
    Created on…………..: 2009-02-20 04:22:44 GMT
    Expires on…………..: 2010-02-20 04:22:44 GMT
    Last modified on……..: 2009-02-20 04:22:44 GMT
    Registrant Info: (FAST-12785240)
    Attn: viaddress.com
    BlueHost.com- INC
    You can fool some, ..you can’t fool everyone!

    • Thanks for sharing Shiva, so you reckon Vicar007’s post about Viaddress it’s a scam? Anyhow I was going to try them at all….
      Just found out Vicar007 is a drone….deleted his post as a result!

  20. Jules, I totally agree with some of the comments here! I am an international shopper myself and its frustrating and mind boggling how some comapnies trick you. I have spent tons of hours looking up for companies mentioned here..to name a few bongous, viaddress,shipito,myus, etc. I found BongoUs and Myus were the most expensive..big guys, charge tons on every little thing. Viaddress, havent found any great reviews on them but found reviews which seemed too good to be true ..or should I say almost fake! Found great reviews on Shipito, found out they were the cheapest of em all. So there you go..Ihave added some more to the list 🙂 Happy shopping and happy shipping!

    • Cheap only if you use their Shipito Airmail service but only good for smaller items and virtually at your own risk!

      Shipito Air MailGood inexpensive option for smaller packages. Perfect for books, magazines, CDs, t-shirts, etc. The drawback is that there is no tracking number. There is no option to insure packages. Maximum value of each package cannot be over $150. Packages travel from our California warehouse by air plane to your country. There it is give to your local post office which will deliver the package to you. Maximum length must be less than 23 inches. Combined dimensions (lenght x width x deep) must be less than 35 inches. Shipito Air Mail might take 15-25 business days for delivery.


  21. Hi Jules thanks for this article! I am just wondering about the GST charges if I were to ship a lot of online purchases from the US to Spore. Can anyone help answer my query?

    I am shipping about 50KG to 100KG in about 10 to 15 boxes in every batch through vpost. I will not incurr GST as long as I keep the value of each box (value + freight) under SGD$400.

    Can borderlinx allow me to avoid GST like vPOST does?

    • Here are some faqs:-

      Do I have to pay local tax and GST?

      There will be up to two types of taxes which you might have to pay.
      The first will be the Sales Tax pertaining to the United States of America (US). Certain States in the US are tax-free states and as a result no sales tax will be levied on the procured merchandises.
      The second will be Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore. GST reliefs are granted on imported items if the total value of the goods plus shipping costs does not exceed S$400.
      Where the value exceeds S$400, the entire sum would be subjected to GST.
      The current GST rate is 7%.

      There is no duty payable on most products except alcohol, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum products (see list of prohibited items).
      A Goods and Services Tax (GST), currently 7%, is imposed on the cost of the Cost of the goods + Insurance + Freight (known as the ‘CIF value’). The GST is waived if the total CIF value is below SGD 400.

  22. I have not try borderlinx yet but please avoid VPOST…..

  23. VPost is terrible, worst service. I will never use it again.

    • Hence I see no reason to ever use them again…. 😉

  24. I would avoid Vpost/ viaddress like the plague. I have been researching forwarding companies and have found that viaddress seems to have 70+ reviews on every review website–all positive, and that those same IDs posted disparaging remarks about competitors. Turns out, I found a website that states viaddress is paying people $10 to write 25 positive reviews about the company– whether or not the people actually used the service! Maybe it is legitimate (although I doubt it), but I prefer not to give my business to companies that engage in such dishonest tactics. I have found (and LOVE!) shipito, which has great rates and excellent service. Myus and Bongous are good too, but they are more expensive. I definitely would avoid Vpost/viaddress at all costs.

  25. YES !!!! Avoid VPOST at all cost. Very bad experience with them and their rates are not that super to make up for the super lousy and super late service. Will definitely try other service providers next time round. Any recommendation ?

    • Well you can see lots of recommendations here in the comments section. I still love Borderlinx even though they are getting to be a little more expensive. I’d switch if they get too unaffordable but not just yet! 😉

  26. My brother received his package from Viaddress today and he said they worked out fine at end, we calculated the shipping rates and they were $25 cheaper than Borderlinx 😦
    Do you know why Borderlinx has such high rates ?

    • Well looks like I’ll be considering Viaaddress now too as I have pending shipments from B-Linx and it is quite a hefty charge so far.

      • Hi Jules!
        Never forget that there is only free cheese in mouse trap… 😉

        • Hi Ced,

          have you tried them yourself? Have you got parcels lost thru them? Paid a higher price? If not then why such antagonistic views against a rival company simply because they started off perhaps using a similiar web design or that they tried promoting themselves secretly via forums etc?

          Apart from raising your fees quoting that such an increase is industry based perhaps of the then rising oil prices. What has it done now to promote loyal support? I no longer see discount codes to be used once in a while by loyal customers. All I see now is that it cost a whole lot more then it used to.

          Found this blog where the lady first uses Borderlinx, then later switches to viaddress….certainly an independent review of sorts check it out. http://ramblingmanx.wordpress.com/tag/iwant/

          • Jules,

            Thanks for your return.
            I understand perfectly your point and be sure we are all working on this.

            To be clear, I have a full respect of our competitors even if don’t agree at all with some practice that are just illegal… But let’s focus on the essentials.
            In order to offer a service of quality to customers and to guarantee the continuity of the service, certain costs are necessary. It’s not always easy and we need to make the right equation while always keeping in mind that the customer must be in the center of all effort.

            Be sure that we are working every single day on how to improve the service to bring you the best service at the best price (like the shopping coupon you can have every day in Twitter & Facebook, like the iPad offer, like the discussion we have today in order to bring you a more competitive standard price (actually in test in Canada), like new hub opening, like a repacking offer,…).

            Many thanks for your, as always, valuable comments,


            • Hi Ced,

              Thanks for your swift reply, I wasn’t aware there was something called a shopping coupon? Sounds like some tie in with certain merchants. In any case I’ll check it out shortly.

              Well like I mentioned earlier in reply to a comment, I still have pending items to be shipped via Borderlinx. This should be an indication that I have not switched to any of your competitors yet. I hope to continue using Borderlinx though I must state it is getting a little pricey, so far not all items are in yet but shipping alone on the items that are is currently at USD56.67 for 8.22kg! Perhaps it would be cheaper if the items were repackaged and combined.

              Well here’s looking forward to better improvements…


  27. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Borderlinx or be part of our Fan Page on Facebook on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Borderlinx/47503403661
    If you have some specifics brands that you just love, I will be more than happy to check with our team if we can find great deals on those for you.

  28. @Ced, I’m sorry but Viaddress is simply much cheaper than Borderlinx for Germany.

    I was a loyal borderlinx customer but the fact that your concierge service only serves Singapore clients and higher shipping fees, made me switch to Viaddress. I’ve used them a couple of months ago to buy some stuff on ebay US and everything was fine.
    p.s. I couldn’t find: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Borderlinx
    But I noticed some pretty sweet deals here:

    • @Maximillan: Hi Maximillan, the link is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Borderlinx/47503403661 ;-))
      Regarding Germany, thanks to the strong & exclusive partnership we have with Deutsche Post in this country ( http://www.borderlinx.com/m/dp/de ), users can benefit from an integrated service of Borderlinx with the packstation system of DP/DHL ( http://www.dhl.de/content/de/de/paket/privatkunden/packstation.html ). A great opportunity to simplify the way our german customer shop abroad.

      Be sure the concierge will be spread in other country as we did last week for the iPad offer.



  29. After my order for the iPad with Borderlinx got canceled just like the others people complaining all over the web, I did some research and came across Viaddress and I tried to get the iPad through them to forward it to me in the UK and my Apple order was accepted with no problems.

    They received it on Saturday and forwarded it on Monday and it just made it way out of the UK customs!… I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    I just wanted to share this with the rest of you who are still waiting on Borderlinx to get the Apple ipads, Stop waiting; Apple already blacklisted Borderlinx… try to get one with Viaddress, they apparently have been getting tons of them, read this : http://www.facebook.com/viaddress

  30. @Steve: Too bad for your Steve and welcome to the Apple world (delivery @random ;-)). For your information, lot’s of iPad has been deliverd at U.S. Borderlinx hub for several customers around the world (same for a lot of competitors as you will see it by making a quick search on social network).

    So, sorry, but this video from Viaddress on Facebook just make me laugh… 😉
    They should probably add an “a” at the beginning of the video (Viaddress and not “Viddress”… ;-)))

    Interresting reading: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/wwwviaddresscom-c307411.html

  31. @Ced I don’t see the big deal about Viaddress paying people to advertise for them, Borderlinx also pays people to tweet about them…or should I say offers them iPads they you don’t even have 🙂

    But thank you for pointing me to that site, because after finding and reading all the complains against Borderlinx on that same site, I will for sure stick with Viaddress:

  32. @Ced I don’t see the big deal about Viaddress paying people to advertise for them, Borderlinx also pays people to tweet about them…or should I say offers them iPads you don’t even have 🙂

    But thank you for pointing me to that site, because after finding and reading all the complains against Borderlinx on that same site, I will for sure stick with Viaddress:

    • You don’t see a problem?!? Personnaly, I have a big problem when a company/brand have a lot of 5 stars rating or positive reviews on several sites/blogs and when I discover by making a simple search on Google than, even if those rating has been post on several blogs by different persons, they strangely use exactly the same sentences… So, yes, as a customer and as a blogger, I have a problem with this kind of attitude.

      Having complains about a service is normal and all companies in the world have people complaining for several kind of reasons, good or bad. We are not perfect and we fail time to time on some issues. And to be honest, since the world is changing every day, we will for sure fail again with some customers in the futur.
      But those complains help us to improve our service every day by simply listening closely to them and making the right move to correct things as quick as possible. Our day-to-day mission is to be sure that all customers have the best and easiest experience with the service and thus reduce all potential source of failures.

      Today, there is only one way to communicate with customers: you need to be fair and honest. If you want to engage conversation on blog, don’t hide yourself and talk about your service (things you know), not the one of your competitor (things you guess). I come from the agency world and I can tell you that denigrate competitor doesn’t make you stronger.
      As Abraham Lincoln was saying, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

  33. My 1st shipment through Viaddress came today, and while they are a good alternative….I will be sticking to Borderlinx unless they become too expensive!


    1)I thought through them, I would have more choices of how I wanted it ship back to me. egs I could select between UPS, USPS, FEDEX…etc. However there is no choice…they decide whom they use and Fedex was selected.

    2)The shipping fees was slightly more expensive than Borderlinx this round.

    3)It took longer for the goods to reach me, almost two weeks.

    4)FEDex claimed no one was home on their first attempt but that was simply not true! However they did deliver the very next day.

    5)The viaddress process on the site it not as smooth and I don’t even have the option to see my US address when I log in. I must check the email they sent me on sign up!

    Well at least now I can comment through first hand experience.

  34. Guys,
    This is my 2nd time using Viaddress. Honestly speaking, the respond is bad..Life chat never UP (i checked everyday)
    My first shipment did arrived after numbers of email flew to them.
    I thought only a onetime lack, but on my 2nd order, it still the same. I’ve sending 8 emails without reply for the past 36 hours.
    I hope they will reply and ship my 2nd shipment over.
    Maybe this is my last time using them if they can’t improve the customer service

    • Thanks for sharing….they didn’t give me that level of comfort in continuing to use them either….cheers!

  35. I started using Borderlinx since 2008 when I found out about this service from a Citibank mailer. At first, it was good. The delivery was fast, and even though DHL arrived at my doorstep, requesting that I pay additional taxes for the shipment, Borderlinx later cleared that up and I was promptly refunded.

    However, in recent times, their service standards have dropped drastically. I have had over 100 US purchases shipped to Borderlinx since Mar’10 and in the past 2 months, I have had several shipments that went missing from my suite. A couple were later found in the “unknown” suite, and a few others were apparently “missing” because the staff at the export hub? had failed to update the Delivery Confirmation numbers indicated on the packages, so I couldn’t do a cross-reference, but all that is fine; the wild-goose chase, the merry-go-round with Borderlinx, merchant, USPS, merchant, Borderlinx, even the recent “system bug” then “system development updates”, which took 3 long weeks to troubleshoot and resolve, and which totally screwed up my login tool, resulting in my not being able to release any of my items in the suite for shipment and missing the deadline for raising any issues I have with the merchants. Alllllll of that is fine, I can handle that, just SO LONG AS MY PACKAGES GOT TO ME SAFELY!

    But the REAL nightmare I’m currently experiencing is that THREE of my shipments are STILL missing and it’s been TWO MONTHS since the 1st shipment went missing. The 2nd missing shipment arrived in my suite on 10Jun and when I requested for it to be released on 12Jun, just 2 days later, it went missing! And then just last week, another shipment in my suite has gone missing. Makes me wonder about the ethics code of the company, like if there’s internal pilfering going on.

    I won’t even delve into the frustrations I’ve felt dealing with the Customer Service reps, who make up a long list of names, Angie, Vivian, Jason, James, Rachel, Sylvia, Sam, and then some. Each time they promised action, when I do a follow-up next, the person will no longer be working there, even the manager! I am now waiting (YET AGAIN) to hear back from the management of Borderlinx for an update and resolution. I have already suffered heavy losses and I still have 24 shipments pending in my suite. I do not know how many more will be missing, but this is simply far too much hassle and mental/emotional toil for any customer.

    • Gees! Well hopefully Cedric will come in, look into this and help address your problems.


      • Thanks, but that’s provided he’s still working with Borderlinx.

    • Actually, if your story were true then it is completely unacceptable. However as I have personally not encountered any problems with Borderlinx and it is unlikely a company such as theirs will screw up more than once is highly unlikely.

      what proof can you provide???

      • I too find it unbelievable and atrocious, as I haven’t had such problems with Borderlinx in the past when I had the odd parcels delivered to them in year 2008 and 2009.

        It was only until recently (3 months ago) when I started having an increased volume of shipments going to them. And then after 2 months of frustrations and getting nowhere, I finally googled to see what I could find on complaints against Borderlinx and what further actions can be taken against them.

        I have been sending a copy of all the chat transcripts via “live chat” with the CS agents to my email. And all our email correspondences serve as proof as well.

        I have been extremely patient with them, allowing them time to search and re-locate my missing shipments, because I do not wish to go down the refund route, where I feel it wouldn’t compensate me in the least, since it’s impossible for me to get hold of these same items again. But when they screwed up again the 3rd time, it was the final straw for me.

        The below link is an example of what I found.


  36. Dear Cedric, if you are still working at borderlinx, appreciate if you could help look at my case. I ordered two pairs of Robeez shoes, which weights 0.77kg and I am charged 26kg by Borderlinx, which works out to USD143 in shipping! I am totally shocked and the worse case for me is to forfeit my USD35 shoes, cos the shipping is definitely too high for me to me. Although I know that the shipping is by volumetric weight, i sincerely hope you could look into my case for me.

    • Dear vivien, i would like to find out if your issue was ever resolved? The reason is that i am currently faced with the same problem, Borderlinx is charging me an item whose volumetric weight is only 4 kg for a whopping 15.6 kg.

      Many Thanks for sharing.

  37. Been using VPost for years. Although their service is not fantastic (They once delivered someone else’s package to me), I haven’t really sought for alternatives, mainly due to habit and laziness (just like how we never source for alternative governance even though we gripe about it in coffee shops…)

    Although the VPost website had been updated and a bit more user friendly, the actual process is still a bit hairy to say the least and doesn’t really inspire confidence. The time taken for deliveries is also rubbish…

    Despite some negative comments about Borderlinx in the earlier exchanges, I will try them out for my next shipment… I’m not too bothered about the heftier shipping cost as long as its reasonable (its DHL not Singpost after all).

  38. I totally understand what realvibes is going through as I’m going through the exact same situation with Borderlinx. My item was delivered to me in April 2010 addressed to another person in Singapore. I checked with them regarding my items. Fast Forward to Aug 2010, I still don’t have my items. Spoke to Sam, Rick, Jason, Vivian and so on but they give me different reasons for the delay and I’m so fedup with them. They have been great except for this incident which is a real nightmare for me. And to make it worse, those items are my kids’ shoes which I believe, it won’t even fit them if the items ever reach me :-(( Every week Borderlinx and I would write emails to each other with no solution/closure from them. They just simply says “Sorry for the inconvenience” Sigh. This is how “efficient” they are.

  39. i have also had no problems with borderlinx until my last order. i ordered an item via the concierge over a month ago and until now it is still not on my suite. the frustrating thing is, customer service via email is non responsive at all! live chat agents cant help u. instead they just say sorry and give them more time as they have forwarded it already to the relevant department.

    at this point i just want it refunded. i have also contacted citibank since this is an “exclusive service” from them

    • Gees! Looks like I may have to consider other facilities too… *sigh*

      thanks for sharing…..and hope all turns out well for you.

  40. VPost is slow in shipping and takes longer time to process shipment. Borderlinx was great years back but getting from bad to worst. They just lost my package one day after informing me they received my package with weight and dimensions measurement taken.WTH, I do not know how long I need to wait for their reply and same here, spoken to so many of them – SHANE, ALICIA, AMY, ……worst few months back kept asking for refund for the overcharged for packages. be careful, they tend to overcharge if you dont check your packages measurement, mine usually 14″ x11″x1.2″ but they always charged 14″x11″x12″ , so troublesome to take pictures of packages and email them yet refund voucher must use within 6 months. Simply annoying and frustrating.

    • *sighs* Hopefully someone NOT from a competing Company can recommend a good, affordable, reliable alternative, now that Borderlinx seems to be on a downward spiral.


  41. hey,

    For vpost usa, if say I want to consolidate my packages and they exceed SGD 400, will I still be charged gst? Or is it only BDL that has the thing about the whole package including shipping costing less than SGD400?

    deciding if i shld use BDL or vpost cause I want to have mulitple packages consolidated into one. And they exceed SGD 400.

    • Someone can please help with this question? I have not used in VPOST in years!

      Cheers 😉

  42. Yes, you have to pay GST 7% for packages exceeding S$400/- for both Vpost and BDL.

    • Thanks Irene… Cheers! 🙂

  43. This is my first experience having my H&M clothes shipped back to M’sia from UK last month using VPost. After a week arrival of my goods at VPost’s UK warehouse, they still not yet update my account regarding the arrival of my parcel. Then I email-ed its cust service and they din reply me. After few emails with ‘firmer’ tone, then they replied me. And by today, it is almost 1 month and they told me that UK Counterpart told them that my parcel perhaps has been misrouted! I gave them until this coming monday to sort it out or else pay me.

    • It is quite sad that after all the feedback they have been getting there is no signs of ever improving…..They need better Management and Leadership! 😦

  44. BDL-only for Citibank’s? I chatted with 2 personnels of BDL, they confirmed that other banks’ credit cards can be used as well. But I saw from a forum, they said, NO?

    Everheard of alfasent? A forwarding service for UK. Good?

    • Haven’t heard of them sorry. Perhaps someone who have can comment?

      Sent from Julian’s Mobility Pad….

      “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

  45. oh no.. now that BDL has so much problems surfacing, i shouldn’t pin my hopes to high… noticed that ced hasn’t been replying. is he no longer with BDL?

    • Yup I guess he must have left, after all he was quick to reply all of the time. 🙂

  46. Just my 2 cents worth, after shopping from US for 6 years now!

    Incident 1. Marked my item into someone else’s suite, and claim they can’t put it back
    Incident 2. Delivered my item to someone else in the block. If the family wasn’t honest, I would have been out of USD150!
    Incident 3. Shipment reached singapore, then went missing. Somewhere. Wonderful. Instead of assisting me, I had to call all the post offices in my area to see if it’s there.

    No shipment issues so far, after about a year of using them. But their Concierge service, boy oh boy, does it suck and much worse!
    The form clears itself after more than 5 item entries.

    LiveChat? I’m sure I’m talking to bots. They copy and paste the same script! They will escalate to the relevant department. No, I can’t liaise directly with them. No, I may not get a response from them. No, there’s no workaround.

    Looking at OneNow and hoping it will be slightly better.
    Hey, concierge service that you pay for should be better, no?

    • Most definitely! otherwise why pay for a service when you receive next to none? 😀

      Thanks for sharing….

  47. After my last episode with them, Borderlinx refunded my money + shipping after 6 months. Happy that I got my money back but upset that last week, I received 4 packages from them with ONE DRESS missing in one of the box!! It was obvious that someone happily took it and now I’m out of one dress. Borderlinx has referred me to AXA Insurance to claim for insurance. I have no confidence in Borderlinx and do not want to switch to Vpost too. What other choices do I have? Any suggestion?

    • Honestly I stop using any reshipping co. They don’t seem much cheaper nowadays, so I just pay for shipping direct. Perhaps someone else can share new trustworthy companies.

      Sent from Julian’s Mobility Pad….

      “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

  48. Hi juleslife. I’m gonna ship in an item from US but it contains batteries in it, would there be any problem with that?
    Oh, the item cost US$299. Approx $400?

    Furthermore, since apple store only ships within US, I have to use a forwarding mail service.. Thus I’m now troubled as to which service I should be getting.. Any recommendations? Thanks(:

    • I believe batteries is a controlled item for the US that is why they do not allow shipping outside of it, however it not in the list on Singapore Customs. Hence using a forwarding company should work, as for which one? Well the decision will have to be yours…..read down all the comments here and you’d probably find which one you’d like to give a try.

      I have since chosen to shop only on sites which ship out directly even it is slightly more costly for the time being till I find one which is highly dependable even when thing go wrong. 🙂

  49. WARNING: Borderlinx has horrible (repeat HORRIBLE) customer service.

    I ordered Christmas presents (2 for my wife, 3 for my ids) from two different US suppliers in early November. The goods arrived at Borderlinx. by mid-November. I had a simple question about how they were calculating the shipping, as it seemed high (shipping was more than the value of the items I ordered!). It took 3 weeks and 6 calls to get it resolved. So now we’re at early December.

    Because it took them so long to respond, I had started to get storage charges. So, I asked that they remove them as it was their delay. It went apparently to their “Concerns” department. TWELVE (12) calls and three weeks later and I still didn’t have an answer. It was Dec 24th. After much cursing and swearing, I gave up. The issue was that the support team had no way to contact their “Concerns” department other than just “escalating” the ticket. So mine got escalated 12 times. Each time the customer service rep stating that I should hear back within 2 business days. I never did. And it was the same answer every time (“It is with the Concerns department and will be handled promptly”). Isn’t it nice to know that the department they have to specialize in customer concerns apparently can’t be bothered to address customer concerns?

    I log on today and the storage charges are removed as of Jan. 1st. Did I receive a call or email or anything to let me know my issue was dealt with? None. None whatsoever. No apology, no communication at all.

    I am extremely disappointed in the customer service, as the overall service they offer is great and I would absolutely love to use. But I am completely writing them off. They added so much stress and frustration to my holiday time, I cannot believe it. I will never deal with them again.

    I wanted to share this story so you don’t make the same mistake.


    • Thanks for sharing….sorry to hear about your experience..

    • I used webskyme.com .. got a $10.00 voucher towards my shipping ..and their final rates are cheaper

    • oh there customer service is always available ..they repsond right away

  50. I just used Borderlinx again after a long sabbatical of sorts and received my Kindle and the Cover today. Thankfully I not only received it in a timely manner but free of incident.


  51. After reading most/some of the posting, I see no mention of this mail forwarding co. called hop.shop.go which uses PAYPAL payment method. Anyone had experience using their service?

    • They are affliated with comgateway…. Cheers

      • I see… Thanks…

    • I was using borderlinx now I use webskyme.com. They have 24hr customer support . and they are new and efficient it seems I am so happy after all the research etc …first two orders easy and they even called to let me know when my package was shipped ..can’t beat theta

      • Just checked out the prices and they are more expensive…

        • you can send them an email and they have reduced pricing depending on product ….It will always be less
          than what is there .I have used them many times and they are always cheaper especially if you ship a lot of items .oh and you get a $10 gift voucher if you are first time customer

          • Thank you for sharing, though I still disagree on your comment on the pricing. Show us a comparison of say shipping a kindle to Singapore. I maintain that Borderlinx is comparable if not Cheaper and I don’t even work for them.


            • Speak with there reps they have comparable prices … it depends on what you ship ..They work with signapore carriers ….not just usps etc .If you do not want to use those they have there logistic partners so I guess it’s up to you . But they are definitely easy to deal with and no hassles and frequent updates

  52. I’m going to try Borderlinx the next time I ship. Hope it’s cheaper than vPOST !

    • I have not heard if Vpost has improved, but my last Kindle purchase shipped through Borderlinx was a success.


  53. Borderlinx is apparently launching its new website today iv heard its a big improvement also heard from an insider that they are changing customer service provider as they are not happy with their current partner.

    Borderlinx looks like my choice for the future!!!

    • I’m glad that borderlinx is serious enough to make changes however you being a staff makes it sound insincere hiding behind a moniker hence it remains to be seen just how serious Borderlinx is!

  54. In total cost calculator there is a plus original product value section. Do i have pay product value to dhl ?

  55. omg i have a important package heading to vpostusa now. so worried and scared that they would steal or mislocate my things.. 😦

    • They may have improved? Well let us know how it goes. I’m still happy with BORDERLINX

      • My package has been signed and received by them(A.Davis, ring any bells?) but no confirmation letter has been sent to me. they do they send us an email when they receive our package right? im so worried..

        • They usually take a little longer to process but it should be fine. Cheers.

          Sent from Julian’s Mobility Pad….

          “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

  56. hi guys
    how wpuld one calculate volumetric rate if the seller ships in envelopes instead of boxed parcels? ie usps flat rate envelopes?
    what would the hypothetical volumetric weight be if say there are 3 envelopes from 3 different sellers containing a total of 5 shirts?

    • Hi Nick,

      there is no way for us to give you an accurate estimate because I believe Borderlinx will place them all together hence the volumetric weight kicks in. Email them directly and you may be given a better picture of how much it would cost.


  57. Hello,
    Have you used Borderlinx recently? I’ve read a ton of bad reviews both on their fb page and on some forums. Plus their live chat staff are nothing but hopeless and useless with accurate information.

    I really want to get something from uk and us using their personal shopper or concierge service. Have you used them to buy things on your behalf from uk or us? If so, how did they invoice you? Eg. If they buy from 2 different stores and total is say $50. Will I be charged their minimum shopper fee of $10, once or
    twice? Live chat guy reckons I’m charged the minimum fee on each store I order from. Hope you can clarify. Thanks.

    • So far I have only purchased items from the us. As for a shopper fee? What is that? I have not used their concierge service so I cannot advise you on it but all would be cleary stated on their faq page. Sorry I could not be of more help….cheers


    In short, shipping of a pair of insole can be bigger box than shipping for a pair of shoes. and they cant repack it due to safety. maybe the dog at DHL might chew on it?

    full transcript below:

    Please wait while we connect you to a customer service specialist. You are currently number 1 in Queue. Your expected wait time is 0 minutes and 2 seconds. While we connect you, please note that our UK warehouse has now moved to a new address. Ask the chat operator for details.
    Welcome! This is ‘Albert’. How may I help you today?
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK122160508221X
    Tecko Wong: Hi
    Albert: Welcome to Borderlinx. Thanks for your enquiry. Please allow me a moment while I read your query/question.
    Albert: Hello Tecko
    Tecko Wong: LTK122160492897X
    Tecko Wong: this is the reference code
    Tecko Wong: the email reply is as GOOD AS NO REPLY
    Tecko Wong: i seriously suspect if there is any work being done while waiting for the DAMN EMAIL TO REPLY
    Tecko Wong: With regards to your shipment #1Z602E89YN02918265, I would like to inform you that as per our hub’s update, the shipment is prohibited in the destination country and hence cannot be shipped to you. As for shipment #9613804935951751744361, our hub has checked the repacking possibilities and as per their update the shipment cannot be repacked as current packing is already optimum and we cannot further reduce the volume. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. This shipment is ready to be released. However, you could choose from the below options on how you would like to go ahead with prohibited shipment: 1. Forward to another US address (charge $20 admin + $15 shipping) 2. Return to vendor (charge $20 admin fee + $15 shipping). If you have prepaid label from merchant you will not be charged $15. 3. Dispose of the shipment (free of charge)
    Tecko Wong: #1Z602E89YN02918265, I would like to inform you that as per our hub’s update, the shipment is prohibited in the destination country and hence cannot be shipped to you. —
    Tecko Wong: shipment #9613804935951751744361, our hub has checked the repacking possibilities and as per their update the shipment cannot be repacked as current packing is already optimum and we cannot further reduce the volume.
    Albert: Tecko, please note that All kind of jeweleries, including imitations or costume jeweleries are prohibited to Singapore.
    Albert: Hence your shipment #1Z602E89YN02918265 cannot be shipped under any circumstances.
    Albert: We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
    Albert: For more information on prohibited goods please visit link. Borderlinx | Frequently Asked Questions | Prohibited items
    Albert: In above link please read the last para under “Import Restrictions”
    Albert: The para states:
    Tecko Wong: i have checked with the customs singapore
    Tecko Wong: there is no relevance to jewellery
    Albert: “The above list consists of products that cannot be shipped to any country. In addition, some countries have specific import restrictions which are not included. For information on import prohibitions and restrictions, please check with the Border Control authority for your country. Have a look at the World Customs Organisation web site to find your local customs office World Customs Organization
    Tecko Wong: and to top it off. it is an fashion accessory we are speaking of here now
    Tecko Wong: REGARDING REPACKING OF MY INSOLE… Timberland – Timberland PRO® High-Rebound Cushion Insole
    Tecko Wong: IN A BLISTER PACK
    Albert: Shipment #1Z602E89YN02918265 is a bracelet. Men’s Gunmetal Link Bracelet
    Albert: Please note that any sort of Jewelry fake/real are prohibited in Singapore.
    Albert: You could choose to return it to merchant or forward to a local USA address.
    Albert: Tecko, Please wait while I transfer you to my Manager.
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to ‘Anne’.
    Welcome! This is ‘Anne’. How may I help you today?
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK122160508221X
    Tecko Wong: HI
    Anne: Hi Tecko
    Tecko Wong: Albert: Shipment #1Z602E89YN02918265 is a bracelet. Men’s Gunmetal Link Bracelet Tecko Wong: IT IS A FASHION ACCESSORY Tecko Wong: WHICH PRECIOUS METAL BRACELET COST YOU $30? Albert: Please note that any sort of Jewelry fake/real are prohibited in Singapore. Tecko Wong: I HAVE REPEATEDLY SAID IT IS NOT A JEWELLERY Albert: You could choose to return it to merchant or forward to a local USA address. Tecko Wong: HAVE I NOT ASKED YOU IN A CLEAR AND CONCISE MANNNER? Tecko Wong: THIS IS NOT A JEWELLERY Tecko Wong: THIS IS NOT A REAL / FAKE JEWELLERY Tecko Wong: THIS IS A FASHION ACCESSORY
    Anne: Please provide me with link where from you purchased this bracelet?
    Anne: I am aware of your correspondence history, so no need to mention.
    Tecko Wong: THANKS
    Tecko Wong: Amazon.com: Willis Judd New Four Element Gunmetal Titanium Magnetic Bracelet In Black Velvet Gift Box & Free Link Removal Tool: Willis Judd: Jewelry
    Anne: Thanks. The reason I asked you for the link so you could see under what category this bracelet has been listed.
    Anne: The department is Jewelry.
    Anne: Every product is classified for customs clearance and your bracelet is categorized as Jewlery.
    Anne: So there is no way we can ship this as all imitation or real jewelry is prohibited to Singapore.
    Anne: You may refer to Singapore Customs site.
    Anne: Or contact your local customs auhorities.
    Anne: We have provided the information to contact regional custom offices on our site.
    Tecko Wong: Singapore Trade Classification, Customs & Excise Duties 2012
    Tecko Wong: this is the customs SINGAPORE complete list of import ITEM
    Anne: It is virtually impossible to list every single product which is regionally restricted or prohibited to a country.
    Tecko Wong: i dont see jewelry
    Anne: Mr. Tecko, I have informed the information that we know as we have to abide by the custom rules. So there is no way it can be shipped.
    Tecko Wong: there is no custom rules that it cant be shipped
    Tecko Wong: so ship it. if the customs doesnt clear it. i will answer for it
    Tecko Wong: directly with the customs of singapore
    Anne: That is not how it works that you will answer. As a shipper we are legally responsible for what we have shipped. So we cannot ship this, I am afraid. As far Customs rules are concerned, we are better informed as its our daily task to deal with shipments.
    Anne: I can only suggest further that this item can either be returned, sent to another US address or disposed as you may deem fit.
    Tecko Wong: ok nvm about this shipment for a min
    Tecko Wong: what about my INSOLE
    Tecko Wong: you cant REPACK IT CAUSE IT IS A SHOE?
    Anne: Any shipment over 10x12x2 packaging cannot be repacked as we use only small DHL padded pouches to repack not a box or other wrapping material. On your request, we checked with ground staff and they have declared this shipment cannot be repacked.
    Anne: The discretion how and what items can be repacked is reserved with DHL ground staff.
    Anne: Either way you take it, I gave given you the specific reason for not confirming to your repackging request.
    Tecko Wong: it is only 1 inch tall
    Tecko Wong: the box is 5 inch tall
    Tecko Wong: the content is 1 inch!
    Anne: How do you expect us to stick shipping label on 1inch item?
    Anne: There are various practical situations that we have to face, its not that you will order a matchbox of 1inch and you will pay for 1x1x1 size.
    Tecko Wong: Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 5.5 x 1 inches;
    Anne: The merchant provided packaging to stick labels on it.
    Anne: We have used the same package for forwarding.
    Anne: Had there been a scope of reducing or trimming, we would have done.
    Anne: Again, how a label is taken care and an item repacked is done without needing your involvement.
    Tecko Wong: 13*5.5*1 AND 13*5.5*5 IS 5 TIMES THE DIFFERENCE
    Anne: Ground staff is experience enough to asses this.
    Anne: There must have been reason why merchant used that big packaging to ensure safety of shipment.
    Anne: You have not physically seen the packaging, so assuming this can be done or that can be done.
    Anne: Ground staff has physical posession, so they know the best.
    Anne: We cannot challenege their decision on this.
    Anne: Though, we already have checked it once on your request.
    Tecko Wong: ITS A INSOLE
    Tecko Wong: IT CAN BE BENT
    Anne: That option is not available to you.
    Tecko Wong: IT IS NOT FRAGILE
    Tecko Wong: i am not asking you to bent it . i am telling you . the safety of the shipment..
    Anne: I am sorry, Mr. Tecko, final decision is that your item cannot be repacked.
    Tecko Wong: have i have the email of your director of customer service?
    Anne: Safety is our utmost priority. Even if you give me on legal paper, then also we will not compromise on safety.
    Tecko Wong: safety of a insole..
    Anne: You can email who ever you wish to through cs@borderlinx.com
    Tecko Wong: i want the name
    Anne: Unfortunately, results will be same.
    Anne: Simply address is to CS Manager.
    Tecko Wong: dont presume me
    Tecko Wong: you are the manager
    Anne: Also keep in mind, while dealing with this case we are not going to extend the storage period.
    Tecko Wong: ?
    Anne: Indeed, I am the manager. You can take a copy of this chat and include it in your complaint if you want to.
    Tecko Wong: 2 out of 3 parcel has problem.
    Tecko Wong: what a service
    Anne: Director or CEO is not going to look into how insole can be repacked. We have proper defined repackaging guidelines to operate and we can make exceptions if feasible, not otherwise.
    Anne: In your case, we have already exhausted the exception option.
    Tecko Wong: true
    Tecko Wong: he is not supposed to look into HOW
    Tecko Wong: he is supposed to let the staff know that there is a HOW
    Tecko Wong: not to just reply with THERE IS NO OPTION
    Tecko Wong: WE KNOW BEST
    Anne: Either way you interpret Mr. Tecko. You are the customer so I am not going to argue on your view points. But I can reiterate item will not be repacked.
    Anne: Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with?
    Tecko Wong: Borderlinx provides a Repacking service, completely free. If an item can be repacked (see exceptions) and you haven’t opted out, it will be automatically. You do not need to request it via Customer services. We do not repack multiple packages into one box.
    Tecko Wong: https://www.borderlinx.com/images/ma…epacking-2.png
    Anne: I am sure, once you receive the package in Singapore you wouldn’t think the same.
    Anne: I am aware what is stated on website.
    Anne: If i’ll show you the page to T&C, this discussion will be over the very minute.
    Anne: We are still deviting time to make you understand that we have done whatever we could to accept your request.
    Anne: But warehouse people cannot reduce the package size further.
    Tecko Wong: , the receipt dimensions were reduced to (15x12x3 inches),
    Tecko Wong: Anne: Any shipment over 10x12x2 packaging cannot be repacked as we use only small DHL padded pouches to repack not a box or other wrapping material. On your request, we checked with ground staff and they have declared this shipment cannot be repacked.
    Tecko Wong: HMM.
    Anne: You have use the service only once in the past, this rule has been always in place.
    Anne: We do revise conditions time to time based on customer feedback.
    Tecko Wong: Receipt from Kent Water Sport was shipped to the warehouse in a box 16.5×20.5×5 inches, representing a volumetric weight of 13lbs. After repack, the receipt dimensions were reduced to (15x12x3 inches), representing a volumetric weight of 4lbs. Saving to the customer was 9lbs. in shipping weight.
    Anne: Trimming and repackaging is different.
    Anne: If a package material is such that it can be trimmed from corners, then it is done.
    Anne: Not for every single case.
    Anne: Repackaging on other hand is done in small DHL yellow padded envelopes by removing original packaging.
    Tecko Wong: After repack, the receipt dimensions were reduced to (15x12x3 inches), representing a volumetric weight of 4lbs.
    Tecko Wong: repack ..
    Tecko Wong: AFTER REPACK ..
    Anne: We cannot compromise the safely of shipments in trimming/repacking.
    Anne: Well, Mr. Tecko I have given you your options. As far information on website is related, we will send it to concerned team if it needs any update as we always value customer feedback whether or not you are happy.
    Anne: But as of now, this shipment cannot be repacked.
    Tecko Wong: AM I RIGHT TO SAY?
    Anne: We have already requested and the decision is final and binding. There is no question of re-request.
    Anne: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
    Anne: You can ask the merchant to keep the packaging small as you intend to export. Packaging size does not matter in ground shipping as it does in Air.
    Anne: We are not responsible if your merchant repacked it into an oversized package. We can only act on repackaging within our operating procedures.
    Anne: As I mentioned few times already, we have checked it already.
    Anne: A 2nd, 3rd 4th request is going to make no difference.
    Anne: Well Mr. Techo as I have already informed you what has happened and your likely future options, I have nothing further to add to this conversation.
    Anne: So I will be closing this chat session or can transfer you back to an agent if you have other questions apart from these two requests.
    Tecko Wong: WELL
    Anne: Fair enough. We will respond to all posts.
    Anne: I believe there are no further questions and your queries have been answered. So I will be bring this chat session to an end.
    Anne: Bye
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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