Movie – Ong Bak 2 ( King Warrior )

I started becoming a fan of Tony Jaa’s after watching Tom Yum Goong, so it is no surprise I bought the DVD to watch Ong Bak the first one which I found just as entertaining.  I love watching him take Muay Thai to a whole different level in both films with his non-stop explosive fight sequences and high octane action.

I was very surprised to see that Ong Bak 2 was actually a ‘Period Film’, a prequel to Ong Bak by what? A few centuries? Anyhow don’t get me wrong, I love watching ‘Period films’  and the storyline was pretty good considering that it could have been a lot better had they expanded the story a little and actually allowed it to unfold instead of hurrying it along to an abrupt ending.  YES! I absolutely hated the ending, to me in came across as cheap trick to get you to wait and watch out for Ong Bak 3!

As for the action sequences and fights, I must say I liked the ‘Running with or rather Running On Elephants scene.”  I’m not sure if it was a camera trick or not but if it was a real sunt sequence then one wrong move and he could have been trampled to death!  The fight scenes kept my adrenaline pumping and while I appreciate that Tony is a versatile enough martial arts expert and actor, I’d rather he stick to his powerful Muay Thai fighting skills instead of mimicking some of the traditonal chinese art forms which require more delicate even graceful moves and NOT just brute force!  

Still it is a joy for me to watch him in action, and while I was still entertained I hope Ong Bak 3 will be less of a disappoinment.



2 Responses

  1. Tomy jaa is the best & the most person i ever seen befor. He is very tallented man i like hin really i like him very much. From Ethiopia Addiss Ababa See you on your next movie more beuty & much performace seeya.

    • Greetings from Singapore! And let’s hope Ong Bak 3 is way better eh mate? Cheers!

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