An UnUsual Recommendation For A Man By A Man

Naw it’s nothing to do with the lower anatomy…hmm wait a minute…actually if you go up a little higher then you’re spot on!  *grins*

Well actually it has to do with the tummy area including the ‘love handles’.  A colleague of mine, Mus was recommending this lotion he’d been using for the past four months with WUNDERBAR results, or so he claims.  He also knows how skeptical I am when it comes to all this sort of fat burning products and it’s variety of claims.  I must admit that I had noticed his little paunch had actually disappeared though I attributed it to his recent skipping routine, fasting during the month of ramadan,even his short term bout with the flu.  He on the other hand attributed it to this product and yes his skipping routine.

So I asked how many others that he knew of,  had tried this product with similar or greater results.  He mentioned a few other male colleagues of mine had just started using it and so it was too soon to say, so the only other person really with good results was his own wife.  His brother who is on the fat side had ‘Zero’ results but then again his brother is the sort that would try stuff out once or twice then chuck it aside, actually it sounds like me when it comes to certain things ha!

Anyhow he had brought a few tubes to the office for the other colleagues and had an extra one to spare, so I bought it from him at cost.  Yup that’s right he was not out to make money selling it, just that he felt it was a great enough product to share with his close friends.  Now here is why I found it UNUSUAL….When I started reading the english bits on the box, this part almost caused my eyeballs to fall out of their sockets! Okay so I being a little bit melodramatic, it read “Recommended For Post Natal Women” Imagine the relief I got when at the bottom it read “Whole Family Usage” ha ha.

Anyhow after three days of using it, I honestly don’t know how effective it is as a form of  fat burner!  I don’t see any amazing visible results.  However I must say that it is great in removing wind from the body and it gives me a slightly more comfortable sleep.  Not sure if you can get the same result using a ‘heatrub’ lotion round your tummy because I have never done that though it might give one the same feeling I reckon. 

It is relatively cheap if you want to give it a try, the price on the box reads RM22.00 Oh yeah that’s right it is product from Malaysia.






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