Keep Breastfeeding Moments Online


I read with dismay when a reporter wrote in a local newspaper suggesting the contrary ( with reference to the recent furor on Facebook regarding  Breastfeeding Pics).  It is her perogative to keep her ‘mamaries’ or rather memories private, but to suggest strongly that others do the same in the guise of helping them protect their privacy? Is in my humble opnion utter nonsense!  They are two separate issues altogether are they not?  Why else would she refer to those in opposition as ‘Militant moms’ then?  Isn’t she and many like her taking a form of moral high ground with a false sense of modesty!   Instead why not call for the restriction of  online pictures of bra less women dressed in semi translucent outfits, g- string showing outfits,tight fitting tights or shorts with camel-toe impressions! And while she/they are at it, call for the end of micro bikinis and lingerie pics as well?!

Breastfeeding is an act of love, and just because we are on a higher plane in the animal world, does not mean that we should disparage the act or deem the mere sight of it as unbecoming or inappropriate.  Has the world forgotten what the primary function of  women’s breasts are for?  Or have they decided that the primary function is for sexual gratification?  Of course if there are some out there who would use the act of breastfeeding in a pornographic way then let me be the first to condemn such an act!  However to suggest that pictures that depict the general act of breastfeeding are immoral and/or may even incite some sexual manifestations in the neurotic,  I say to you that it will take a lot less! those sort of ‘people’ have problems which go beyond what this simple act can do.

As life goes forward in this fast paced world, a lot of women might already be thinking and asking themselves why they should even go through the hassle of breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding is messy, time consuming, tiring and sometime even frustrating for some mothers who have difficulties in getting their baby to latch on.  Then there are the lactating mothers in the Office Environment who have either no condusive place to use the breast pump, feel that they can never seem to find the time or are just too stressed to do it.  Then there are some women who feel that they want at all costs to prevent their breast from sagging as a result of breastfeeding, so they choose formula instead!

Women who are willing to share their breastfeeding moments captured in timeless photographs, will perhaps encourage more women to breastfeed too when they see just how beautiful it is to have a child suckle and depend on them for nourishment.  Can you just see or even feel the warmth and love in that amazing connection as depicted in the picture above?  The memories of the sweet bond that only a woman can experience with a child through breastfeeding is nothing short of wonderful!  And we haven’t even talked about the benefits both mother and child receives!





Here is an Article on the Facebook uproar

Oh and managed to get an image of the article I am referring to with regards to the above post.

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