Cool Loo Pics At The Entrance

The Ladies

The Ladies

The Gents

The Gents


Yup these were found outside the entrance of a male and female toilet in Singapore, anyone knows where? *blinks*

9 Responses

  1. haha… @ marina square!!!! level 2 i tink?

    • Yay we have a winner! *launches fireworks* Congratulations! You have won for yourself a roll of toilet paper, kindly email me your address so I can arrange for delivery. 😆

  2. the pics of the girls are cute

    • Well I think the guy ones are equally cute..especially the little guy on the right… 😆

  3. so cute!!! it has been so long since i went marina sq~~ hahhaha..must go and see see

    • Nothing much has changed but hey depending on the time of day you go, I may be around the vicinity so just give me a holler and we might be able to catch up over coffee and cake or something? 🙂

  4. wah… toilet paper ar? CNY round e corner leh… Ang Bao can 😛

  5. Sure thing….so long as I get my Oranges… 😆

  6. LoL… orh~~

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