Dad’s Advice – Always Keep Your Head & Feet Warm!



As far back as I can recall, my dad has always been telling us to remember to keep our head and feet warm.  This of course was when we were travelling, stayed in air-conditioned rooms or on rainy days.  Since I am generally warm blooded and absolutely hate feeling hot and bothered, I never really took the advice seriously unless I was feeling uncomfortably cold.  The reason for keeping them warm if I understood it correctly, is because these are two main areas where we tend to lose our body heat fairly quick.

Anyhow as I have aged, I have found that I have become more susceptible to colds perhaps it is also due to my nose sensitivity.   When I do keep my head and chest warm however, I find that my nose is less stuffy and I feel fine even in my office with temperatures ranging from 18-25 degrees depending on the time of day.   My hands and feet do not generally get cold so long as my head and chest are kept warm.  So I’ll bet it has something to do with how our body REALLY works! And not so much from what we often hear like in the case of skipping meals.

What do I mean? Well for instance, in the past people believed that they could lose weight or rather fats by skipping meals or eating less.  Then we found out that, that is not the way our body actually works.  By skipping meals our body thinks that we are in ‘trouble’ of providing it with sustenance and hence goes into ‘Starvation Mode’ (conservation mode).  Which means it starts storing the fats etc. when we do actually eat, instead of burning it off for energy.

So using the same principle of thought as mentioned above, perhaps the body goes into ‘Preservation Mode’ in cold temperatures to preserve our core body temperature. Hence if we do not  keep our core areas warm namely our head, chest and abdomen, then our bodies does it for us by cutting blood flow to the extremeties, limbs etc. thereby making our internal organs it’s priority! 

Since it has worked well for me, my advice to all of you is to always remember to keep your core warm! HEAD, CHEST and you ABDOMINAL area.  






P.S. Don’t be ridiculous! Of course it will be foolish of you not to keep the rest of your body warm especially in Winter! 😛

*Footnote* I find that eating when I am feeling cold does help to warm me up too.  And Yes I know this is already an established fact, but hey some people forget to eat or don’t eat enough and wonder why they are constantly feeling cold right?



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