Yet Another Memorable Reunion Dinner 2009

A whole lot of work goes into the preparation of the Chinese Reunion Dinner and the first day of Chinese New Year.  But when the family works together to get it done then the burden is lessened and the whole dinner is a joyous occasion as it is cosy and warm.  I must say however that it is because of Mum that the dinner is yet another success!  Perhaps next year we should eat out instead so that she would not be soooo tired and worn out because she cooks for the first day as well….hmmmm ( But nothing beats a home cooked meal eh?)

Well here are a few pics for the book of memories…..


2 Responses

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Frances, Seth, Kenan, Aunty Pat and Uncle Ban Huat!! 😀

    looks like you all had a good dinner man. if i was there, i would’ve have sat with the 2 boys at the kids table again! hehe… so cute la they are!


  2. Thanks Jill, wish you could have joined us for dinner…*hugs*

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