1ST Day Of CNY

As my Dad is the eldest here in Singapore, it is cusomary for the rest of the Family to pay him a visit.  Mom prepared the foodstuff way in advance and started cooking early this morning.  Here was what was on the menu: 1) Devil Curry 2)Tao Yew Bak ( Dark Soya Sauce Meat) 3) Chap Chye ( Assorted Veggies ) 4)Fried Japanese Noodles 5)Kuah Chye Teng aka Kiam Chye Boei (  A soup dish with Two main types of veggies, of which one is salted, then there is duck, roast pork etc.etc. )


Here are few pic of the gathering that followed later in the day…



Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!




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