Google Chrome Is Released

Today we released the next version of the browser from Google called Google Chrome Browser is developed in the direction of the speed of loading pages and security. Install and try out another tool from the giant Google.

Chrome is Google’s web browser developed by Google. A browser designed to enhance your experience while you browse the Internet. An excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

In Google Chrome is rewarded efficiency and minimalism. Environment shows only the basic controls for navigating the Internet. But under such an environment simplistic hide three very interesting features: an innovative system of tabs, an address bar with integrated search and a short window to facilitate access to your favorite pages.

Undoubtedly, one of the features that make Google Chrome browser is different from the rest of your tabs. As in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you can open different tabs to see different pages in one window. The novelty is that these processes are entirely separate tabs. If a page generates errors or crashes, you can close it without affecting the other tabs open.

On the address bar, Chrome gives Google a step closer to integrating a Mozilla browser. Google Chrome faster input addresses showing pages views, different terms of reference, in your favorite pages or other sites previously visited. All in record time.

Another novelty is that Google Chrome includes a summary window. It shows thumbnails of your most visited pages, your bookmarks recent history with the latest research and other items to help you accelerate entry into the circle of pages that you frequently move.

In short, Google Chrome is Google’s web browser. A browser that includes a series of developments, no doubt, do not leave indifferent.

Size: 8.36 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2009-1-29


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