Naked Couple Here In A Protest?

The Sin of Adam and Eve - by Domenichino - from Musée des Beaux-Arts, Grenoble

The Sin of Adam and Eve - by Domenichino - from Musée des Beaux-Arts, Grenoble

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A couple treated open air diners to a 15-minute naked parade in Singapore, triggering both embarrassment and applause for a scene almost unheard of in the conservative city-state.

Pub manager Terence Chia told the Straits Times newspaper he saw the couple taking off their clothes Saturday night at a staircase in a block of flats in Holland Village, known for its popular nightspots.

“Then, clothes in hand, they coolly walked in their flip-flops toward the market,” he said, adding when the couple did a U-turn a sea of spectators was ready and poised with cameras.

“There were more than 200 people and everyone was taking pictures,” the newspaper Wednesday quoted Chia as saying. “Even women were busy clicking and people were cheering, whistling and applauding like crazy.”

Police said the couple, a Caucasian man and an ethnic Chinese woman in their 20s, had been arrested and released on bail. If convicted under Singapore law, they could face a fine of maximum fine of S$2000 ($1,330), up to 3 months in jail, or both.

Protests are rare in Singapore and only made legal last year in a designated area called “Speakers’ Corner,” modeled on London’s Hyde Park.

“They looked really comfortable walking down the street, which led to many curious stares,” wrote blogger Leonard Tan. “Singapore is getting more and more exciting.”


So was their act a protest of sorts? If so then what was it all about? Regardless of their reasons or excuse they deserve to be severly punished for their blatant disregard for our laws.   If all they wanted was attention or to fool around then they could have just worn their swimsuits instead of committing Indecent Exposure! 

In my opinion they were just being juvenile, uncivilised and disrespectful to themselves and all those around them!  There is nothing positive about what they did! Perhaps I am being harsh when I say that they were nothing but, Attention Seeking Whores! Then again what about those who were applauding and cheering them on?  Would they have applauded and cheered as loud as they did, were the individuals their very own family member on display?

On the same note, are Naked Protests credible? Are the protesters able to garner respect for their cause? YES they do get the attention they seek, but for the right reasons?

Thought Of The Day :- Should Sheep shed their wool in protests of Shearing?


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