Tale From The Keg…Adidas!

After a few rounds of beer between friends…..(Three big gents and two ladies).

One of the ladies starts asking one of the gents about his Sporty looking Tshirt….

Lady : Hey Melvin, where did you get that Climacool Collared TShirt?  Like the sporty look!

Melvin: Don’t remember but I love it cos it’s soooo comfortable.

Me: Well I bought about 15 different designs from Thailand, but have since placed them in storage.

Melvin: But Why?

Daniel joins in: Yeah Why?

Me: Well it’s simply because at this present time, it is very unflattering for my physique! *grins pointing at paunch*

Daniel *nods in agreement*: Tell me about it..when I put them on, the parallel bars on the design starts to stretch apart!

Me: Oh and you think that is bad? When I put it on…..I look like a damn Zebra Crossing!

Everyone Guffaws!


P.S. Hmmm if you didn’t find that funny well I guess you just had to be there…..Oh and with lots of beer in your belly eh?

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