The above is the name of a store which opened in Millenia Towers a few months back in 2008.  I had passed it by on several occasions wondering what was actually sold in it, but never bothered to go in to find out.  The glass panel in front of their store is covered with rows and rows of  tiny black  squares with lighted numerals, of which I am pretty sure that four in a row is to tell the time. 

World Time?

World Time?

So in the beginning I thought they were selling these unique digital clocks, but when I peeked into the store I wasn’t so sure anymore.  They have rows of shelves with medium sized boxes neatly stacked to the roof, so initially I thought that must be where they kept the clocks! That was until I looked at the long table-like display about 1.5 metres wide, with rows of neatly stacked small rectangular shaped boxes in assorted colours right in the middle of the store. 

See What I mean?

See What I mean?

So then I thought it must be some sort of stationery store!  But then to add to the confusion, just to the right of the store they have a two or three few small tables with seats and a cash counter which seemed to serve beverages as well???  So I finally went in today and asked the counter staff what was sold there. 

Should have guessed from the ooze coming down from the walls eh?

The answer is chocolates!  the name of the store actually means Chocolate Research Facility.  They have lots and lots of flavours, from the common flavoured ones, nutty ones to the more exotic ones! ( like Sichuan Pepper (Milk) flavoured)  Just too many to choose from….so I bought a cheese flavoured chocolate bar to try and it is quite good actually though I feel that it is a little overpriced at $10. ( The box dimensions are approx. 4 inches by 2.4 inches only)



Flavours Galore!

Flavours Galore!

Mine is the box with the cowprint! Cute eh?

Cheesy Chocolate

Cheesy Chocolate

Colourful packaging!

Animal Prints!


More Designs..

More Designs..


Location :Address 9 Raffles Boulevard, 01-30 Millenia Walk Singapore 039596

2 Responses

  1. HAH! I always walk past this shop to go for lunch and I always ask my colleagues the same question….

    “Are they trying to give us 4D / Toto numbers? I wonder if anyone actually stops and writes all the numbers down?!!”


  2. Well If anyone does then they are going to end up broke! 😆

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