Lunch At Waraku Japanese Rest Marina Square

Strange I couldn’t find a post of the first time I ate there with a group of friends from Stomp, anyhow today I had lunch there with a colleague.  I was however, suppose to have lunch with JD who gave me a last minute excuse that he had to report back to camp *blinks* 😆  

This will be my fourth visit there and though the food is still very good, there seems to be a decline in service.

Total bill came up to $26, mine alone was $14….


My Sukiyaki Selection

My Sukiyaki Selection


A Closer Look...

A Closer Look...

Another angle...

Another angle...

My Colleaguess Hot Soba and some rice dish...

My Colleagues's Hot Soba and some rice dish...

4 Responses

  1. kekekek… our first meeting was at waraku.. eons ago my dear..

  2. *nods* I know but was wondering how come I didn’t blog about it? I only did one for pasta de waraku ❓

  3. ello.. i really did have to be back in camp for some “best unit” award ceremony k! from 1pm to 10pm.. (but i managed to siam by 8ish pm.)

  4. Oh So Des Ne….no worries mate rain check eh? Just doesn’t seem to be raining these days 😆

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