A Student Betrayed…..

I have only fond memories of my school days, my teachers were great whilst others were excellent.  And every single one of them was of great character and moral judgement.  I even wrote a piece for my school magazine in 1986 entitled ‘Teacher Will You Remember?‘ in dedication to my teachers.

So I wonder what happens when a student is betrayed by his/her teacher whom ought to know better than to have sex with him/her? Would they write something like this instead?



Teacher will you remember the student 

who made you sigh?

Cause there will come a day when 

we’ll have to say goodbye.

I’ll never forget you were there 

to guide me through sex,

Though mentally unprepared was I 

to face the facts!

Teacher will you remember the joys 

especially sorrows created together?

Your pledge to nurture and to mould me? 

why then break your nestling’s feather?!

Teacher you have not lived up to your name,

In time I may not do the same.

And if and when I fail, I’ll have no one,

only myself to face the shame!



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