Time To Take A Break And Smell The Roses…Erm Coffee!


After religiously blogging the past few months, it’s time to take it easy, refresh if you will…

I leave you with some thoughts on what I think is important on how we spend our time…

Always make time….

  • For God be it in prayer or thought
  • For Family and loved ones
  • For your body, exercise and nutrition is key
  • To read and write
  • For yourself to regenerate, refresh and relax
  • For the little things you can do or say to help someone, better yet if it’s a stranger
  • For the natural beauty that surrounds us, birds, flowers, sunshine even rain…..

And as a wise Vulcan would say, I bid you “Live Long And Prosper!” : )





P.S. For those interested in some prayers for healing and hope, I’ve added a ‘Prayers’ tab to this blog

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