Hymn – Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

1. Father I have sinned, help me find my way,

Remember not my sins, just let me hear You say


I forgive you, I love you. You are mine, take my hand

Go in peace, sin no more, beloved one.

2. Father I have turned, my back and walked away

Depended on my strength, and loved life my own way

3. Father I have closed, my heart to those in need

Thought only of myself, a victim of my greed

4. Father I’ve returned, I’m home with You to stay

Standing by your door, knowing that You’ll say

(The beautiful tune can be found HERE in midi format so you can try and sing it.)

And so the journey begins……


I Pee Standing Up And Sitting Down…

Just not at the same time! ha ha!  Whomever tells you that it makes him less of a man if he sits down and pee is either a red neck, a caveman or simply doesn’t have a clue to what manhood is really about!  Who in his right mind would wake up with an erection and start peeing in his own toilet, knowing full well the mess he is almost certainly going to make?  Not I! 

The beauty of being a man is that we have a choice; So we don’t have to worry if  we are in a forested area or simply in a hell hole of what was once known as a toilet, you probably know what I mean if you’d experience the conditions the toilet is kept in some places!

And my dear brothers, if you somehow have a condition which forces you to sit and pee, well think nothing of it! You are still a MAN and that isn’t going to change whether you sit or stand! 

Oh and leaving the toilet seat up when you have women at home is just plain inconsiderate, then again if you just simply overlooked it once in a while then you don’t deserve the long lectures that follow.  And whilst I feel for you, I personally haven’t had that problem at home, because we aren’t as petty about such trivial things!

Finally to my fellow men…..may we pee gracefully and smoothly to a ripe old age!