And so the journey begins……


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  1. hey mate.. hows your fasting and abstinence going?

    3 days and i’m still going pretty strong. The most difficult part is having done 3 hours of really productive work in your office and then being bored out of your mind when you go down to stretch your legs! LOL

    • Just one solid meal a day is really NO JOKE, I’ve never heard my stomach growling so much! And Great going mate! Keep up the Good Work!

      Food should have started tasting good….and you have more energy yes?

  2. it’s been 6 days and i’m still smoke-free…. i think i have a lil more energy but i haven’t been doing anything energetic to really be able to tell. LOL

    i love that my clothes and fingers dont stink of ciggies any more. The cravings have subsided and i’m only thinking positive thoughts.

    Going for my run tonight so I will see if my energy did increase.

    Hows your progress mate?

    • Still fasting and crapping like mad! 😆

      That’s wonderful news! Perhaps you should blog about how you managed, might give others inspiration to quit as well! 😉

  3. Perhaps i should.. it’s been 8 days now and I finally realized what you meant by more energy.

    Just ran 7 laps around my park yesterday (estimated total distance of 2.5km) and felt like i could run another 3 or 4 laps easily.
    My recovery time (when i gasp for air to catch my breath at the end of the run) has improved by leaps and bounds and is much faster than before.

    The true test is still yet to come though.. having a beer with friends and fighting the urge to smoke! We’ll see what happens lah.

  4. Bear in mind that you are finally totally in control! Your will power has enabled you to overcome a powerful ‘adversary’!.

    Why would anyone want to go back in ‘chains’?


  5. agreed. so when we lunching again?

    • After Easter…unless you want to have breakfast? Next available slot is tomorrow morning after 0940hrs….

      See I only eat Breakfast for this period…. 🙂

  6. oh yeah.. forgot about that! *DUH!*

    Ok after Easter it is then.

    10 days and still going strong… 🙂

    • Woo Hoo! *pats JD on the front…oops Back!*

  7. 22 days and counting. 🙂

  8. Time flies and I’m proud of you my dear boy! *chuckles*

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