Is Man Bringing Destruction Upon Himself?


  • When he fight wars to gain more land and treasures?
  • When he builds weapons of mass destruction?
  • When he engages in unatural sex?
  • When he reaps more than he sows?
  • When he fishes more than he can eat?
  • When he destroys nature to seek what he wants, and wants more than he seeks?
  • When through his greed and the greed of this fellowmen brings about a world financial crisis?
  • When he makes decisions and fights for an ideology contrary to the Word?
  • When he takes a life for whatever reasons?
  • When he incites hatred for his cause?
  • When he thinks he can control the outcome of his own living ‘creation’?

The list goes on and on…..

When will he ever learn? When it is too late?