Questions? For The Those Who Seem To Think Differently..

  • How are you planning to get into the train if you don’t allow people to alight first? 
  • Why do you think they put queue isles for those waiting for Buses at the Bus Interchange?
  • How do exepect people to alight from the Bus if you are blocking the door exits?
  • Do you know that the frequency of trains, buses and lifts are just a few minutes apart so there isn’t really a need to board the crowded one straightaway?
  • What do you think is likely to happen when a crowd pushes it’s way through entrances of places if interest, exhibitions,theaters? Do you really get in sooner without incident?
  • While it is a practice in some countries even to stand to the left of an escalator to allow people to pass on the right, why even walk up one? Isn’t that what the staircases are for?
  • Do bags really need to rest and recuperate on seats in public areas? 
  • Do you like the smell of food on public air-conditioned transportation or like having crumbs at your feet?
  • Do guys really have to sit with their legs ridiculously wide opened on seats again in public area? Are they mimicking an open goal post?
  • Do people really need to bathe in perfume? Doesn’t a little go a long way?
  • Do strangers really need to know that your angry and upset about something whereever you go?
  • Would it hurt you to say please, thank you, excuse me please? (when there is an opportunity to)

6 Responses

  1. oh my gosh i feel you man… and these happen more in singapore than any other country i’ve been to! kiasu, much?

    • Every country has their bad hats…I still love my country no matter what! 😉

  2. yes speaking of which, johan and i were singing national day songs together just a few days ago! haha… then i started thinking how much i miss singapore and all that. haiyah…. 😦

    • *sings*

      Singapura oh Singapura
      Saya hormat selamanya
      Singapura oh Singapura
      Negeriku yang sangat permai
      Tiap pemuda sedia membelanya
      Bekerja giat bertekad bulat
      Singapura oh Singapura
      Saya hormat selamanya
      Singapura oh Singapura
      Thee I honour Thee I adore
      Singapura oh Singapura
      Land of beauty, peace and full of green
      May your youth with all might defend thee
      Work with fervour for prosperity
      Singapura oh Singapura
      Thee I honour thee I adore

  3. i always sit with my legs wide open. iss just habit

    • If you’re in the comfort of your own home…that’s fine! In fact I do too at home….Well at least you know it’s a bad habit but what about the rest of the humongasaurs? 😆

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