A Non-Conversation With The Barber

Decided to get a haircut from my neighbourhood barber and ended up with a twenty minute long NON-conversation.  

Well what happened exactly was, as my hair was being cut I was looking straight ahead at the mirror planning what I was going to do after I was done there.    Two of the other barbers were engaged in a rather interesting conversation joined by my barber from time to time.  And I only say it was interesting, NOT because I was paying any attention to what was actually being said but because they switched from Hakka (dialect) to Hokkien(dialect) and then Mandarin. 

Five minutes into their conversation, my barber decided to let me in on what they were talking about.  And NO I was not in the least bit interested, nor did I show any signs of wanting.  Apparently they were bitching about the owner of the shop, their Boss!  He was foul mouthed, treated his workers with disdain and indirectly accused them of stealing money from the till when in fact he was either forgetful because he had taken the money out himself or intentionally wanted them to cough up what they term as his ‘Coffee money’.   Either way they were very angry and wanted to leave, but tolerated his nonsense because at their age, it was not easy finding another shop to work in given the competition from Barber Outlets like QB or EC House.

So throughout his coversation with me, all I did was nod then shook my head, smiled and nodded again!…After the ten minutes of that, I thought he would have got the message.  Instead he paused to resume his conversation with his colleagues, then turned to me to share ten more minutes of this thoughts on the subject.  So I nodded, shook my head, smiled and looked straight ahead all over again.  Just didn’t feel the need to add my two cents worth which clearly would have been worthless.   After the cut which was not too shabby at all,  I paid him and thanked him for the cut and rushed out of there! Whew! One Of of those days eh?

3 Responses

  1. hahahhahh! so u could have passed off for a mute! 😛

  2. but honestly..sometimes i really cannot ta han all these small talk with hairstylists..hahhh nothing to talk about with them

  3. Yet another interesting read, keep em coming!

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