Compressed Air In A Can To Clean PCs?


Well it seems that for some time now, it is the industry practice to use Compressed Air in a can to clean out dust laden PCs.  But do you know how much a Can of Compressed Air can cost? As much as $14-$18 dollars SGD and they cannot be re-used DUH!

Some say that using a vacuum with the blower function is fine while others says NOT, basically it boils down to moisture concerns, static electricity build up and the strength of the blower.

Frankly in our high humidity climate, I don’t see static electricity build up as a major concern but I also don’t quite like the idea of using a vaccum blower to do it either. 

Well I’ve found an alternate use for something I use to clean out the air conditioning unit as well as for my plants.  But of course I ensure that it is totally dried out before using it to clean off the dust on my PCs.  It saves me lots of money and it works well for me!  However it may not work as well for you depending on your climate, because static could build up as you pump as I’m sure you know…..

*Ta Da!*


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