Movie – Dragonball: Evolution (2009)

Starring: Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Chow Yun Fat, Emmy Rossum

Director: James Wong

If you’re wondering why these movie selections over the next few days? Well it’s because the kids are on one week term holiday here.

And if you want a feel of what this movie is all about then think Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles! And yes the kids again loved it! How do they even know about Dragonball before the movie came out? Well I for one have not seen it on the cartoons they watch but apparently they have it as a game on their PSPs.

Storyline is not very original but hey if the formula has worked before on other films why not come out with something the kids can relate to, besides here is a chance to combine traditional chinese/japanese teachings of inner strength and visually show it off in an upbeat modern way.  Oh and it can’t hurt to have one of HK’s top leading actors Chow Yun Fatt as a Master of sorts with a comic overtone though why he chose to accept this role is beyond my understanding.  Perhaps he wanted to do something for the kids?

Well if you have young kids, then you’d want to bring them to watch it.  Otherwise if they are old enough, buy them the tickets and go shopping instead!

OH and if you do to decide to watch it anyway…..DON’T leave when the credits start rolling cos once again they have decide to leave a minute long preview of what audiences can expect…no brainer really… ( I only stayed behind because I was packing up the jackets etc. )


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