Been Busy With….

For the last 2 days I was struggling to figure out how to solve the repeated update of ‘Security updates for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0’ Even though I had already run and installed it, thereafter rebooting the system.  Windows update kept prompting me to update the same file even then!

Even after deleting the files out of the software distribution folder, data store folder and stopping the windows update service, then re-running it didn’t help.  Finally solved it by renaming the file msxml4.dll to msxml4.old and then redoing the update.  Gees!

Then another problem occured, nothing related to my laptop!  The power points in my kitchen all died at the same time! The circuit breaker was intact so I had no choice but to call an Electrician down.  Apparently one of the wires connected to one switch in the circuit breaker was burnt, so he rewired it with a spare and it worked out fine. Thank goodness he only charged me $40 for the trip and service.

Well at least I can look forward to the play directed by Sam Mendes tomorrow in which Ethan Hawke and Rebecca Hall will be performing. Oh it’s called The Bridge Project – The Winter’s Tale. yay!

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