Movie – Unborn 2009

Starring: Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Idris Elba, Cam Gigandet, James Remar, Jane Alexander
Director: David Goyer

Synopsis: Sometimes the soul of a dead person has been so tainted with evil that it is denied entrance to heaven. It must endlessly wander the borderlands between worlds, desperately searching for a new body.

I wasn’t prepared to enjoy this movie, and the lot of negative reviews for this movie certainly didn’t help.  But surprisingly I did! It’s been so long since we’ve had something visually shocking like the Exorcist.  However the storyline is anything but original and frankly the script needed more work.  But I was intrigued to see a  Jewish Christian combined exorcism.  It also helped that the lead actress Odette Yustman is drop dead gorgeous! I actually mistook her for Megan Fox initially.

Some call this movie a cheap thrill by constantly giving the audience little shocks, but hey the timing has to be perfect for this effect to work right?  Yes it was predictable on the whole but still there were some very good, new and visually stunning scenes.

I would not write off this movie, in fact I would give it a five leaning on six that is on a scale of ten!


Odette Yustman

Odette Yustman

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