Thoughts April 3-5

Twilight The Movie

Just got round to watching Twilight and if I was half my age I’d probably enjoy it a whole lot more.  The ladies would probably say that the book is way better but even so, I’d just take their word for it.   Also I feel Cam Gigandet is so much better looking than the lead actor but again the ladies would probably differ.Wonder why he is mostly offered ‘bad boy’ roles?

Professional Advice On A Blog?

Sharing experiences is one thing, but dispensing Professional Advice without certification or study is totally irresponsible!  Especially when one shoe does not fit all!  Just because one had a similar incident does not make it any closer to being the same thing.

Take for example….there is a lady who’s blog has a very high rating because she had decided to post some racy photographs of herself and captures her audience with her personal account of her ‘True Life Sexual Experiences’ followed by her many relationships woes etc.  All of a sudden she is a ‘Star’ and decides starting her own ‘Dear Mary’ column for relationship and fitness advice but does not possess a degree in psychology or the relevant board certifications for either?  How credible is she? What happens if someone who is suffering from depression ask her for advice on relationships?  Would she be able to peel the onion so to speak, to unravel the real underlying  problem? I think NOT!

Or another person who has been sick practically his whole life and decides that he can offer medical advice!? Would he know that certain drugs will not go well with others with an underlying medical condition?  I think NOT!!

So take heed that while your intentions are good, your ‘good’ can be very BAD for others!

Unconscious Competency

During the recent course I attended, I discovered just how complacent I’d become in delivering excellent service to my customers.  Instead of providing excellent service, I had deteriorated to giving ‘Expected’ service.   Apart from acquiring new skills, I had renewed my knowledge and the use of others skills I had learnt prior to my two day ‘getaway’.

So the lesson here is to ‘Sharpen the Saw’ that is to constantly challenge yourself to keep on learning and improving.  Attend courses or read up on the latest trends!


4 Responses

  1. twilight the movie sucks eggs la. seriously. the only reason i watched it 5 times was because… well… it’s twilight. heh. and i dunno about other females, but rob pattinson is soooo not how edward’s supposed to look. he’s far from beautiful. and so is cam, in that show anyway. with the long blond hair all. eeeyer. lol. oh but u should listen to rob sing! goodness his voice… *drools*.

    and who ah, the lady with the racy photographs? i also want to see!!! heh. x

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me…5 times? And you think it sucks??? 😕

    I got to know about her through a comment of hers on your brother’s blog… 😉

  3. ya the acting quite terok. but as it said, it’s twilight! ♥♥♥ haha.

    and i think i found it, if it’s the right one. graguk right… she also quite terok la. one fine day years ago i got a jealous-girlfriend type sms from her. aiyo… and she’s famous meh? no what… the only stupid blogs i heard of were that xia xue and dawn person.
    anyway after reading her blog i completely agree with you about dispensing prof advice anyhow. haha. x

    • Boy George you’ve got it! And that’s why we get along so well… 😆

      Normally I wouldn’t care about the blog content of others because it is their personal preference and so on….but what irks me is that she has a following of ex-students and she talks about eating ‘cat’ and how a ‘cat’ is suppose to be eaten?!!! Then there is the issue of ‘Professional’ Advice….Gees!

      To top it all off, she had been featured in the papers a few times albeit decent topics but that may have increased her readership by the youngsters! So what do you think will happen when they read her morally challenged insights?? 😯

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