Routinely Break A Routine

You might have heard, that to constantly grow and expand your horizons one must move out of one’s comfort zone.  In fact it is far from easy for those who are so very comfortable with their daily routines, that they adopt a ‘If it ain’t broke why fix it?” attitude.

Here’s the thing…..If you want to lead a much fuller life then you’ll have to break your routine every once in a while.  It doesn’t have to start with huge ‘insurmountable’ tasks!  Key is to start with the little things, and in time you can move on to bigger ones.

Here are some little examples :-

  • Instead of ordering your daily cuppa coffee why not try tea or hot chocolate?
  • Instead of watching TV, why not go for a brisk walk?
  • Instead of computer games, why not read a book?
  • Instead of eating bread and eggs every morning, why not try noodles?
  • Instead of frowning every morning as you make your way to work, why not try smiling?
  • Instead of rushing to work every morning, why not wake an hour earlier?
  • Instead of driving, why not take public transportation? ( Very hard as you can imagine for some )
  • Instead of finding faults, why not look or offer solutions?
  • Instead of screaming at the kids, why not try reasoning with them?
  • Instead of jogging, why not swim?

Of course there are certain things that you cannot or rather should not break in your routine like brushing your teeth or being punctual for work.  But with a little imagination and resolve, I am sure you can come up with your own little lists of stuff that you can and be better for…doing it!

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