Fun Maze At Safra Toa Payoh

Brought them once again to the fun maze at Safra Toa Payoh where they enjoyed themselves just as much as they did at the one at Explorer Kids Downtown East.  Price difference a whopping $13.50 both at member rates!  EK’s rates are $11 per kid while ST’s rates are $4.50 Oh and I love the fact that they ST makes the kids wash their hands first,  checks them for HMFD then puts a little hand sanitizer on their hands to rub in before allowing them through.  EK doesn’t do a thing….

Anyhow had lunch at Crystal Jade Toa Payoh and we didn’t really order that much but the bill still came up to $78. Oh well it was an Easter Celebration.  No food pics….

The maze is much bigger from the side but Parents are allowed in..

The maze is much bigger from the side but Parents are allowed in..

Ball Angel...

Ball Angel...

Do not feed!

Do not feed!

Ahhh Home sweet home...

Ahhh Home sweet home...

Spidey in the web!

Spidey in the web!

5 Responses

  1. I always love your family pics. Only after reading your post did I realise that Easter was two days ago ! … Just shows how busy I’ve been going back and forth between LA and San Diego.

  2. Heya Kris! hope all is well with you and thanks for your kind comments as always.

    I love your new avatar too! Wow I kinda miss LA! What are you doing that requires you to travel back and forth so much?


  3. kris so long nvr see u! miss u *huggies*

  4. thanks guys 🙂 It’s starting to warm up here and I’m planning on going to Venice Beach this weekend if time permits me.

    They’re suppose to be day trips for work but by the end of them, I’m usually too tired to start the drive home so I’ve been spending nights in hotel rooms.

    • Well the pay must be great then…and oooh venice beach! Wish I could be there enjoying the ‘sights’ and sounds!


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