Planning For The June Holidays….

Club Med For A Short Holiday?

Well I was thinking of going with the family during the June holidays because it came highly recommended by my supervisor and friend.  Practically everything is already neatly packaged so you one doesn’t have to worry about any other miscellaneous items that you would normally worry about on a trip.

They have separate programs for the kids which includes looking after them for the duration the parents decides on and programs for adults as well should they so choose.

Well it certainly is a dream vacation which I currently cannot afford or rather do not want to at this time.  Perhaps if I come across a tiny windfall or a nice juicy bonus which of course is no where near in sight! *grins*

Why? Well for just a 2 night stay in Club med Bintan, it would cost me SGD$1924.00!  In fact if I were to book a whole suite in a hotel for us in KL for 3 nights together with the coach and even entrance fees to some theme parks it would only cost me approx SGD$1000 so guess I’ll be doing the latter. Besides we get to do some shopping too!

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