Mr Busy Bee…

Yeah I know I’ve not been updating this blog as regularly as I’d like to, but just after pulling a double night shift it sort of zaps all the energy out of you!  Anyhow this is what I’ve been up to.

Hock Lam Beef Kway Teow

After the first night shift, I made my way to Purvis street to have one of the BEST Beef Kway Teow available here in Singapore.



Huddle Presentation

It was my turn to lead the huddle and so had to prepare some material for it and also plan for an energizer.  So I decided to talk about what it takes to be a service ambassador. And for the second bit I decided to share some tips on how we should stand when we are receiving guests/customers and guide them on the way to do a proper handshake.

Planning A Short Trip For The School Holidays

Finally got round to booking a suite, the Theme Park tickets and Travel insurance for our trip to KL for the June school holidays.  All that is left is the coach and changing money.

Tap And Ball Cock Replacement

Had to replace the tap for the wash basin and the Ball Cock for one of the toilets! DIY and it only costs me a total of SGD48.00

19 Inch LCD Television For The Bedroom

Managed to get a good deal for a 19 Inch TV at the Courts Megasale for only SGD285! Turn out that the advertisement which stated that it was a Japanese Brand was in fact a Sony Bravia! Woo hoo!

Found this excellent online magazine site, which features Magazines too costly to subscibe to otherwise because of shipping and certain restrictions.

Apart from viewing your magazine subcriptions online they also have a reader which you can download to be used for viewing your subscriptions offline!  Love the ability to zoom and easily navigate through the pages!  You can try out a handful of free magazines to see if you want to use them, sign up is free!

Contemplating Another Bone Art Piece

Thought of getting another piece I fell in love with for my birthday in June but at present it cost almost USD300.00! Gees! Either I wait for a small windfall again or scrap the idea completely in any case once it’s sold that will be no repeat as it is a collector’s item….*sniff*

*Update 24 Apr* decided not to wait any longer and have placed the order for it!


Anyhow that’s all for now…..time to watch a movie!

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  1. Yep you definitely have been neglecting this space…

    • awww tow tweet you noticed…*hugs*

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