Hit A Plateau In My Weight Loss Challenge..

I have been at a constant weight for the past two and half weeks now and I reckon it’s due to overtraining and perhaps even eating less calories.  It cannot be because I have been doing the same workouts over and over because I vary the exercise program from day to day.

Anyhow I’ve just c0me across a “Cheat Your Way Thin” or is it “Cheat By Eating Fat Foods Sometimes” method? Anyhow there is some sort of big launch by Joel Marion and I’ll bet his new marketing strategy will cost newbies between USD50 – USD100 however it is very unlikely I’d sign up for it. 

Not because I don’t believe in it but because I more or less know how to go about it.  In fact in my basic attempt to prove/disprove his theory, I managed to lose 1kg! in one week so  I’d expect to see clearer results in a month.

Till then….

2 Responses

  1. Please post your recent picture 🙂

    • Ha Ha…not yet..more sculpting in progress….wanna look a little better
      first… 😉

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