Movie X-Men Origins

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch, Will.I.Am, Lynn Collins, Kevin Durand, Daniel Henney

Director: Gavin Hood

I am a little torn about this one, I enjoyed the movie for what it is worth in the sense that it unravels  alot of the mystery surrounding the Wolverine.  But on the other hand I expected a whole lot more! 

First off it starts off almost the same way ‘Watchmen’ did, as in how ‘Wolverine’ moved through the years starting off as a young boy then evolving into a permanent adult male thereafter.  ( I know it’s …a little strange and not explained)

Then as you move along the storyline the plot seems to thin instead of thicken in my opinion and while the CGI and special effects were adequate, it makes you wonder all the same time…couldn’t they have done better? Especially with the fight sequences!?

Well for true X-men fans I am sure it must be a little disappointing, but for all others I am quite sure you’d enjoy this movie even though it is a little dark compared to it’s predecessors and not as fun!

4 Responses

  1. Hmm…I fell asleep half way through the movie…wait… make it at the beginning of the movie… ;p

    • Oh dear you found it that bad huh? Or were you just too tired after work?

  2. Наш мир – это театральный занавес, за которым скрыты величайшие тайны.

  3. Hi Goonedmem,

    Like the fact that you chose to write in your native language and I liked the phrase you used ,”Our world is a curtain behind which the greatest secrets are hidden.”

    cheers mate! 😉

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