Club Obesity

Membership is free! Oh and if you’re already on the heavy side with a paunch then you’re already a member! And if you live in the States, parts of Europe and parts of modern Asia, are overeating and sucking up way too much sugar by way of soft drinks then you’re already a member too!

How did we get this way? Commercials? Movies and Television? Lack of self control? How or when did we start feeding our ‘Emotional hunger’ instead of ‘Physical hunger?’ If we are those who do not like to waste food, then why cook or place too large a portion on our plates to begin with? Does eating while under stress or pain make it go away? Perhaps momentarily but then the problem is still there and guess what? You’ve just added the guilt of eating the food your body DID not need to the equation!

To change we need to first change our mindsets, habits and consciously be aware of our choices for food. Learn about the foods available, natural vs processed etc.etc.etc. Coupled with exercise then you’re on way to a fitter and healthtier lifestyle! Otherwise you can just remain a lifetime member of Club Obesity and perhaps chaulk up enough points to earn yourself a lifetime Platinum membership to Club Fat & Fabulous!!

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