Still The Best Vampire TV Series Ever!

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten,Rutina Wesley,Chris Bauer, Nelsan Ellis, Jim Parrack,Adina Porter,Carrie Preston,Michael Raymond-James,William Sanderson,Alexander Skarsgård,Lynn Collins,Lizzy Caplan,Lois Smith,Stephen Root

I just finished watching the first season of True Blood and while it was a pretty decent Vampire TV series,  it still lack the finesse and quality of being the best.  In fact it was more sexual then sensual and certain parts of the storyline was a little too far fetched for comfort.   But at least it was better than Buffy TVS and Angel etc.etc.etc.

However in my opinion the best Vampire TV Series ever is still KINDRED :The Embraced!  Pity the Lead Actor passed on otherwise we would have more than just eight episodes!



Starring Mark Frankel, C. Thomas Howell,Stacy Haiduk,Channon Roe,Jeff Kober,Brigid Walsh,Kelly Rutherford,Patrick Bauchau,Erik King



6 Responses

  1. eh anna paquin! she was from my school in lower hutt! haha

    • I heard she grew up in New Zealand but are you pulling my leg? And she has blossomed from ever since X-Men eh?!


  2. no not pulling anything! i’m pretty certain, she’s from the hutt!

    and yes she has, but i think i prefer her in xmen.

    • hush…don’t get all riled up sweets…If you’re sure then you’re sure.

      Have you watched True Blood? In it I think she looks fabulous! In X-men she still had some baby fat! hee hee

  3. 😀 I love true blood! ^_^

    • I don’t sorry…. 😉

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