Something New At The Zoo

Well decided it was time to head on back to the zoo and try a few things we hadn’t before.  Like a riverboat ride….erm actually a boat ride away in a reservoir! Then the kids wanted to try the manual animal ride! Will never get why parents would want to pay just to let their kids sweat it out on a manual ride?! I paid and I don’t get it…ha ha

9 Responses

  1. aiyo..the younger one is getting cuter each day~ heehhe.. 😛

    • Erm me? *chuckles*

  2. went to zoo in apr to help my mom to assist her tcher wid e preschool kids… took e boat ride too~

    to put it nicely was to assist… bt in actual fact i was leadin e grp of k2 kids ard e zoo~

    • guai…but you didn’t mention whether your enjoyed yourself?

  3. did enjoy myself… though i was totally shag aft tt… haha…

    • Need to keep fit hor.. 😉

  4. lol… well… given tt i was out helpin my mom for 2 consecutive day.. i believe i haf an excuse to b shag? 😛

    was tellin my mom tt 1 day i’m helpin to bring a group of blur sotong ard… 2nd day lead a tour of monkeys ard e zoo to visit e monkeys in e zoo~

    • You are a natural leader! 😆

  5. hahaha… thanks ^^

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