What Do You Think This Ad Is About?

For the answer highlight the area within the the two arrows…. But before you do that, why not place a comment first on what you think it is about before learning the answer?? Oh and if you can already read and understand what it says…Don’t Bother! *grins*


—”My man doesn’t need turtle eggs,” says a poster featuring Argentine model Dorismar, “because he knows they don’t make him more potent.”

The scantily clad beauty is the star of a new campaign aimed at protecting endangered sea turtles in Mexico. But women’s rights groups aren’t so sure sea turtles need Dorismar.

The Mexican government declared sea turtles a protected species in 1990. Poaching continues, however, partly because many Mexican men believe sea turtle eggs, eaten raw with a pinch of lime and salt, are aphrodisiacs. Black market trade in adult turtles’ meat, flippers, and shells also helps keep the animals in peril.

California-based conservation group Wildcoast co-developed three posters featuring Dorismar, including this one released this week. Designed to denounce the turtle egg myth, the posters have drawn ire from women’s rights advocates, who say the saucy images promote sexual stereotypes more than wildlife conservation.

—Victoria Gilman

Natgeo 2005


10 Responses

  1. save the turtles?

    • You speak a little spanish no? 😛 doesn’t count…

      • no i don’t!! but i speak english and i saw the word “extincion”, then i saw the turtle picture! 😀
        had no idea about the potent thing though!

        • No one ever doubted how clever you are sweets! 😉

  2. well whaddya know!

    • 😛 😛 😛 *hugs*

  3. just based off french, i can tell it’s something about not needing turtle eggs.

    not sure if being in socal has helps my spanish at all 😛 but how about “my guy doesn’t need turtle eggs b/c he knows they will not make him anymore potent” ?

    • Well I’ve always known you had a gift for languages but for laymen like me, do you honestly think we could tell it was something as poignant as saving the turtles? 🙂

  4. some save the wild life program? but what has the sexy woman gotta do with those turtles? haahhaha it is for sure some thing about extinction 😛 extinction of some animals 😛 i go see the answer now

    • Gees! I am surrounded with women of high intellect! Where’s all the gents???

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