KL Trip June 2009 Photos

In Pictures….Yup there were lost of great photo opportunities at Sunway Lagoon but who wants to lug a camera around in our swimsuits?! The overall KL trip was refreshing and fun! woo hoo!

6 Responses

  1. the koi fish pond w/ the mini waterfalls looks so relaxing ! and do i see a bidet in the refresh stations ? it’s such a pet peeve of mine that americans don’t use bidets & you can’t find them anywhere. 😦

    • Wow you have a good eye indeed! I didn’t realise I managed to get the mini waterfalls in the picture. Yup and it is a bidet, I just love the fact that have one in all the toilets in the hotel even in the lobby area. Well I’m pretty sure those of them who have tried it while overseas might have considered installing one. 😉

  2. looks like you guys had fun!!!

    • We surely did! cheers! 😉

  3. your aunt has a nice house lah!! hehee.. hey..shall we meet like next week ?

    • Sure why not? I’m available from Tuesday to Thursday? Let me know yeah?…. 🙂

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