Kenan’s Sixth Birthday

9 Responses

  1. happy birthday kenan !

  2. happy birthday baby!! hope you had fun in macau… muaks x

  3. Aunt Jill – *hugs* Well I am so far, just that I wanted to go to HK Disneyland but they issued a Typhoon 2 warning gees!

    So I went swimming at the lovely pools at the Venetian and watched Cirque Du Soleil instead. Today I’m off to China for shopping, for TOYS yeah!

    Aunt Kris – Thanks *hugs*

  4. happy bday kenan! *butt slap*

    kris miss u!

  5. Thanks Kor Kor Neil, but I don’t understand your custom of slapping your own butt when you wish someone! *chuckles*

  6. Happy belated bday Kenan!! Aunty Eileen is late in wishing you.. study hard and stay cute!

    • Thank you Aunt Eileen and I’ll try to stay cute…..erm just like my daddy is still trying 😆

  7. is this really kenan? lol anyway i slap yr butt dude

  8. Is this really Neil Kor?….DAD! Kor Neil is getting abusive! AHHHHHHH!


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