CVS and My Computer Glasses

You know how I mentioned in an earlier post that I could hardly wait for my Gunnar Optiks Computer glasses to arrive, well due to a super long delay owing to the fact the US merchant needed to the lengthly verification of billing information, I found a way cheaper alternative at  This one I purchased arrived today and I’m quite pleased with it.

And why the urgency you may ask? Well it’s simply because the nature of my job requires that I stare at the computer screen for as long as seven hours on some days. For those of you in similar positions, well you know how just how tired and drained you can get as a result eh?

Here is a LINK to an extensive research done on CVS aka Computer Vision Syndrome. While it can be quite technical and a little dry, it is by far of one of the best I’ve found.

The design for this rimless pair of mine pales in comparison to the one I ordered earlier but hey it’s simplicity makes it super light and comfortable.  More importantly it works like a charm!

The explanation as to why it works so well is extracted from their site….

These rimless frames have only a +.25 Diopter add power compared with over the counter reading glasses that start at about + 1.0 Diopter. The idea is not to add magnification (although a slightly enlarged image is presented) but to move your eye’s focal point closer without using your eye muscles for accommodation.

The anti-reflective coatings on these lenses is similar to what you see on the front of good quality binoculars. A greenish or purple reflection can be seen if you look at the computer glasses from the front. When worn you have a very, very light green tint that helps increase contrast on the monitor screen.

This rimless computer eyeglasses design was chosen to present a sleek and modern look while remaining strong and durable enough for office use. Since you do not normally wear glasses we feel that the lightest and most comfortable computer glasses possible are essential.

These computer reading glasses for normal vision are made to the same high standard as normal optical glasses. The lenses not only have an anti-reflective coating but also have aspheric lenses. The use of aspheric lenses not only provides a thinner lens but also clearer peripheral vision and permits fitting to a wide range individuals without requiring different sizes of nose bridges. (Pupillary Distance)


Using of eyedrops to lubricate the eye and taking frequent breaks (every 15minutes) to look out at a distance and blink your eyes more frequently is probably going to give you as much relief as wearing computer reading glasses. However how many people will keep up with this routine?

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  1. Hey Jules, I read about Seth’s fever for the past few days. Poor thing I hope he gets well.

  2. Thanks….he is on medical leave for 1 week. So far he is okay…will just to have to monitor him. But the main worry is that he infects his younger brother as well!


  3. Thanks for this article. I have had 20-20 vision all my life. Using a computer for 10-12 hours a day for a month has made it now difficult to read road signs in the distance while driving.

    In your experience, does using these glasses from when using the computer, allow you to see better when you take them off and are not using the computer?

    Most of my life’s passions involve using computers. I would love to continue using them while preserving my good eyesight, for which I’m extremely thankful. 🙂


    • Hi,

      The pair I bought from eyefatigue served me well, though I now keep it at home where I don’t spend that many long hours on the PC. However for the office I now use the pair from Gunnar Optiks which is far superior but of course is way more expensive. Yes I see better when I take them off, simply because I do not experience the kind of eye strain I use to get without using them. After say a night shift and prior to using them, I use to see things a little blurry and couldn’t help but feel very drained. However after using them I still feel tired because of the long hours but not so drained and definitely no more blur vision in the morning.

      However I would recommend you visit an optician to get your eyes checked because it sounds to me like you may have developed Astigmatism. Anyhow for more information of the Gunnar Optiks one I purchased, you can refer to the post for more information.

      Cheers Jules

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