Gunnar Optiks Rules!

Gunnar Shredder

Gunnar Shredder Package

This pair I ordered finally arrived safely on Monday morning. The package in which it arrived in, looked just as sleek as the pair of glasses itself. And why wouldn’t it since it cost me about nett SGD200.00 ( USD129 w/o Shipping)

More importantly, does it work? Well I’m no optician and don’t know much about the mechanics behind how it works but it does! And I feel great using this pair because it not only totally cuts out the glare, text and pictures are crisp. And if you asked me, I would say YES it is worth every cent. Of course there are cheaper alternatives that probably does the job well, but this one is fantastic!

Locally most of the stores I enquired, had their own range of Computer Glasses which ranged from SGD95 upwards. I bought my first pair from at under SGD60.00 and it has served me well though not quite in the same league.

Anyhow here is a little more from Gunnar Optiks then in my previous post on the subject.

Gunnar states that according to the Vision Council of America, 90 percent of people who use a computer for more than three hours a day suffer from eye strain. Gunnar Optiks lenses, with what the company dubbed iAMP technology, are said to reduce eye strain when the user is staring at the cold glare of a computer screen.

To do this, they use a family of elements:

i-Fi lens coating: Both an anti-scratch coating and a filter to protect the eyes from glare. I’m not going to test the scratch resistance, but I definitely notice a reduction of glare (possibly through polarizaiton) when I wear my Gunnar Optiks as opposed to my regular glasses.

fRACTAL lens geometry: Using independently curved front and rear lens technology, this perk is supposed to make focusing easier. This is one area in which I don’t really notice a difference, but at the end of the day my eyes definitely feel more relaxed after wearing the Gunnar specs than my other glasses.

iONik lens tint: Yeah, they’re yellow. This part is kind of weird at first, but I definitely notice the contrast of my various computer and television displays more vividly.

diAMIX lens material: This makes the Gunnar glasses light and tough at the same time. They’re much lighter than glass lenses, and even noticeably lighter than my other, plastic lens glasses.

Gunnar Shredder Crimson

Gunnar Shredder Crimson

Howdy Partner?

Howdy Partner?

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