Dorky? Maybe But I Love It!

It’s so cool! and I mean that literally, in fact the breeze seems to permeate through the entire Kavu hat!  Also it is wide enough that you don’t really need a pair of sunglasses unless of course you go fishing, boating etc. where the light bounces off the water into your eyes.

It is super lightweight and what I like best about it is that it is foldable hence extremely portable unlike my other favourite an Australia made Leather Hat.  This hat is suppose to protect your upper torso from the sun too but I guess my frame is just too large for that eh? *grins*

The only little thing about it which makes me a little uncomfortable is the stares I get when I put it on. 😆

Oh and if you are into the techinical specs etc. of this hat,  like I know some are…..I blogged about this purchase a few days ago or you can simply just click this LINK

cheers mates!

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