In Conversation With Kenan ( 6yr Old )


On Having Too Many Bags

Kenan : *looks at bag clutter in my study room while I’m on the computer and starts making conversation*  ” Wow so many bags of different shapes and colour!.”

Me : “Why? What about it?”

Kenan:” Well it’s no wonder why you’re always running out of money.”

Me : ????


On Having Another Child

Me : “Kenan what do you think about having another brother or sister?”

Kenan : “I already have Seth.”

Me : “But don’t you want another baby brother or sister?”

Kenan : *thinks long and hard* then answers “I don’t think it’s a good idea because you see, you have to buy milk for me and Seth. ” If you have another then you have to buy milk for 3 instead of 2! Then you’ll have no more money.”

Me:  😆 ( really wasn’t expecting an answer like that from a six year old)

5 Responses

  1. whhahaha..he is darn cute lah!! he makes a good accountant or auditor!! already so money conscience at this age! I bet he is the savings kinda of boy 🙂

    • It doesn’t mean he’s great with numbers but rather that he has good ole fashion common sense! 😉

  2. what a lil darling…

    • When he wants to be… 😀

  3. LOL…that’s my Kenan!!!

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