DVD – Saving Grace Season 1

Starring: Holly Hunter, Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase, Bokeem Woodbine, Laura San Giacomo, Lorraine Toussaint, Mark L. Taylor, Dylan Minnette

I often walk past HMV on my way to and from work but occasionally I would glance in to see if I can spot anything new.  Strangely enough I have on two separate occasions, over this past few months been drawn towards the idea of purchasing two newly launced DVDs for TV series.   I use the term ‘drawn’ because I literally made my way straight to the specific aisle it was stacked at and picked them up ( both different series a few months apart) without looking at the rest of the other DVDs lying beside them.   ( hence the latest twitter entry on DeJa Vu)

The first was Eli Stone as in an earlier post and now this one ‘Saving Grace’.   Now is it a coincidence or is there more to it?  I mean both deals with questions of God’s existence and our desire to the right thing!? (albeit one is a comedy  drama) 😕

What I love about Saving Grace is that it has a whole lot of heart in the intense and some fascinating very down to earth storylines.  (Okay I’ll concede that not all are ‘down to earth’ )   Moreever a great actress Holly Hunter who manages to breathe life into the complex character she plays.  

Here is the sypnosis proper………….

Synopsis: For a functioning alcoholic, detective Grace Hanadarko is an unusually effective asset to the Oklahoma City police department.  Spending her time off the job sleeping around with married men, flashing her elderly neighbor, and binge-drinking herself into oblivion, the brilliant and loving Grace has a completely different passion and set of ethics when it’s time for work, investigating major crimes with the kind of gusto usually reserved for someone who remembers what she did last night.

As this first season opens, a drunken Grace finds herself confronted with the scruffy, divinely winged Earl (Leon Rippy) after accidentally killing a pedestrian with her car and crying out for God’s help. Before disappearing along with the hit-and-run victim, Earl tells Grace she’s heading for hell. All that’s left on the scene is a trace of blood, which Grace promptly takes to her forensic expert friend (Laura San Giacomo) for examining. The blood, it seems, belongs to a still-living death row inmate (Bokeem Woodbine), who also receives visits from Earl.

Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter stars as Grace, a truly unique police procedural heroine on the path to redemption in this spiritual and sometimes hilarious dramatic series.

I would rate this DVD as M18 because of the mature themes, nudity and language.

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