Finishing Off The Seasons…

Well the few or many TV series depending on how you look at it….well that’s what I’ve been busy doing lately.

House Season 5 –  The ending to this season was pretty predictable, in fact you might say it was just a matter of time….eh?

Supernatural Season 4 – You might say a little predictable but then again, who would have thought they would actually release the all time baddie of them all? Wonder who’d they choose to play him?

Private Practice Season 2 – Had a hard time with the concluding episode, in fact I spent two days after trying hard to forget! Gees! Still never would have thought they would end it that way! Horrifying!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 – Again another shocking ending, well then again you might say it is to be expected since they are one and the same creative team for Private Practice.

Dexter Season 3 – An okay ending, nothing like season 1 or 2 but still can hardly wait for Season 4 ( Oh and finished this season last month)



7 Responses

  1. i can’t wait for the next season of Grey~ drama~~ dunno what the writers will come up with next…

    • Oh you you’re talking about season 6 right? You managed to finish off season 5 as well huh? Yup can hardly wait….thanks to you guys who got me hooked in the first place. Oh and Season 4 was mediocre at best….

  2. yeah.. finished season 5 couple of mths ago..

    was so sad about george …. oh well.. i can’t wait for ugly betty too~ hahaha…

  3. I saw the pre-air of Dexter S04E01 “Living the Dream” a few weeks ago, now have to wait weeks until I can see the 2nd ep.. talk about a cliffhanger!

    Dexter Season 4 Episode 1

    • I know what you mean…just gets under you skin not knowing eh? 😉

  4. Season 5 is out??? gosh I’m behind the times 😦

    • House or Grey’s? Anyhoo Yup both are out! 😛

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