Memoir Of ‘SourSop’ 0.1

A Little Introduction

Every living thing has a story, though it is apparent that only human beings have the ability to put pen to paper so that we may share our dreary existence with our fellowmen or should I rather have said keyboard to screen?! Oh well moving along now….Yes it is a fact that we all lead rather interesting lives or at least at some point, just like the life of the little wart close to my right knee though in it’s case will end pretty soon when the the acids start to work!

Anyhoo, (intentionally misspelled) I’ve decided to squeeze what little brain matter I have left and churn out those not so vivid memories before they disappear forever.  Also I might add that the story will take quite a while to unfold as I’ve decided to take my own sweet time to ensure that I don’t leave out too much, otherwise it might just end up a nursery rhyme instead. ( Truth be told, it will take that much time simply because my mental engine take forever to warm up, so please don’t hold your breath, else your life ends as mine begins)  As for the title of this memoir of sorts, we will get into it very much later on.

Right anyhow the story of Jules will begin shortly….. so grab a coffee, power drink or a bottle of your finest hard liquor, put on your virtual 3d glasses as so that you may experience the vibrant colours of the life of moi’ and if like me you prefer to hear the story through a text reader rather than read through walls of text then plug in your DTS sound system and turn up your speakers.  ( You’ll need it when you decide to switch and play your favourite tunes instead)


4 Responses

  1. serene image header 🙂

    • Hiya Kris,

      Yup that’s what I like about it though my previous one gave serenity as well. For a moment I thought your comment was related to the post telling me how corny it all sounded 😆

  2. writing a memoir is not corny ! it takes so much … courage (dare i say ?) and organisation. i can’t imagine pin-pointing a specific stage in my life and expounding upon it with the utmost sincerity while sustaining the reader’s interest. kudos to you 🙂

    let me know when the story of jules gets on the bestsellers list lol

    • Dear Kris,

      I totally agree with you however I did mention it is a memoir of sorts in that I am trying to capture just the essence in a light hearted way. I do not plan for an Exposé in it’s entirety. Thank you so much for your support in advance and faith.


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