Memoir Of ‘SourSop’ 0.2

So Life Begins

I am privilleged to have been born in the sexiest year known to Mankind, the year 1969.  The hospital I was delivered in was called Kandang Kerbau Hospital in the early days which is Malay for ‘Buffalo Shed’ I believe because the surrounding area was known for buffalo rearing.  ( There’s nothing buffalo like about this man-child ok! Don’t be rude! *glares*)  It has since changed it’s name to an upbeat KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Like all the babies born before me or at least most of them to my knowledge, I too have no recollection whatsoever of the first two years of my life.  I had probably spent it trying to grasp what it meant to be born human, learning to communicate with people smiling down at me (they were smiling most of the time anyway) and getting stronger so that I could use my limbs for stuff other than signalling for attention.

I am pretty sure I was breastfed looking at my erm…. overlarge shirts today although there doesn’t seem to be a way todate to verify this, so I guess I’ll just have to take mom’s word for it.   Oh and before I forget, I was told a rather short and sweet story by my parents on how the birthmark on my cheek came to be.   Apparently I was eager and willing to come into this world that an Angel planted a kiss on the cheek.  Will get to my younger sister’s version a little later on.



10 Responses

  1. I can’t wait!!!

    • Work in progress…. 🙂

  2. Aww is that baby you in the photo?

    • Who else would it be? 😆

  3. cute! such a happy baby u were.hehehe..

    • Well that’s what a dearly loved baby looks like.. 😆

  4. Waiting impatiently now……:)

    • Soon….need the memories to start flowing and the frame of mind to pen them down… 😉

  5. aiyo so cute!

    • I think we are were at that age 😆

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