Memoir Of ‘SourSop’ 0.3_0.4

The Very Early Years

For ages 3 to 4 , I have very little memory about the events that filled my life  but what I do remember was that my Dad was away quite a bit for work as a school teacher and Mom was a housewife. ( now it seems it is politically correct to say stay-home mom or homemaker) Also my grandmother was around on days to watch over me though I cannot recall if she actually stayed with us.

Dad drove us around on his off days in a Ford Cortina though I have no idea what model but it reminded me of the old batmobile because it had a rather pointed shape on both ends at the back.  I also have some flashbacks of my parents taking me to the beach where there were both lovely to look at Coconut as well as Casuarina trees with their mini pine cone like seeds strewn all over the ground. Also remembered trying my hand at making sand castles with a little pail and spade in tow.  Oh and apparently I was fearless when it came dogs, as there was a wild one at the beach one day of which I befriended. 

Then there were trips to the Botanical Gardens to feed the swans and to Wonderland Amusement park where there was a roller coaster with a Lion’s Head up front, giant teacups that goes around and around and the good ole merry go round.  Cannot reacall if they had a ferris wheel back then.  ( Will try and see if I can find some old photos to include here)

And Then There Was Two

I was told eight months early on that I had to share my throne with either a baby sister or baby brother and boy was I looking forward to it.  Then in January 1973 my baby sister was born!  The story goes that she was reluctant to come into this world and so the Angel gave a whack on the back to push her out. And that is how her birthmark on the back in between her shoulder blades came to be. *grins* 

I remember watching her in amazement at her tiny body and how cute she looked.  I was also reminded very early on that I would have to watch over her as I was her one and only BIG BROTHER!  Well at that very early age of four it was rather easy to remember,because she was more of doll albeit a vulnerable human one.  My proudest moment I remember was having her lie across my lap while I fed her holding her milk bottle to her mouth and having gazing up at her elder brother! *wipes away a tear*

3 Responses

  1. Sniff sniff sniff… you’re wondering what happened to that little doll eh??? Muah ha ha

  2. More more more….come on man….more!!!! 🙂

    • All in good time… 😆

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