Upcoming MPS Reunion

Well it’s been over 30 years since I’ve last seen or met up with my classmates from Macritchie Primary School ( equivalent to grade school)  so I am quite looking forward to our reunion.  I don’t know exactly how many of them are going to show up but I can reckon it will be at least six of us for dinner.

It all started when I bumped into one of the ladies at the Supermarket and she somehow recognised me instantly.  We got to talking and she informed me that was still in touch with at least another three other classmates and will speak to them on arranging a meet to catch up .  So together with my own childhood friend (bro) John we will be heading to Toa Payoh’s Sizzler Steakhouse for dinner. 

I am looking forward to it because I have not seen my childhood crush mate for just over three decades! Boy do I sound old!  ha ha, you’ll get to hear more of my Primary school adventures when and if I resume my memoir of sorts…. 😉 


2 Responses

  1. OMG!!!! That’s so cool!!! Especially since the school is no longer in existence

    • I believe it close it’s doors in 1989 there is Group setup on Facebook.. 😉

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